My Love


6. chapter 5

Justin sounded so amazing. I couldn't believe I was even there. After a few more songs he started singing Beauty And A Beat. Kylie and I are singing and jumping when a lady taps my shoulder. (L-Lady)

L-"Do you wanna be the one less lonely girl?"


L-"Ok follow me"

She lead me back stage

L-"What's your name?"


L-"Hi Maddie nice to meet you"

"You too"

I smiled and I couldn't believe that this was happening. We stopped behind the curtains that lead to the stage. In the middle of the song Justin's dancers signaled me to come on the stage. They took my had and I walked on stage and then Justin lead me to a seat made of speakers. He was singing to me and he touched my face. He gave me a crown made of flowers. (J-Justin)

J-"What's your name beautiful?"


J-"Maddie? Everyone give it up for Maddie"

He took my hand and we ran off stage making this the best night ever. The same lady who lead me to the stage lead my back to my seat but somebody was calling my name.

J-"Maddie wait!"

I turned around to see Justin.

J-"Maddie I wanna see you again. I know we just met and everything but it's something about you that makes you special. Can I have your number?"

"Yea sure" I said smiling and blushing

J-"Thank you. I'll text you tomorrow morning if you wanna hang out. Bye Beautiful"

With that Justin kissed my cheek and got ready for his next song.

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