My Love


5. chapter 4

(Skip car ride)

We got to the arena at 6:45 and walked in to the sounds of thousands of screaming fans. We walked to our seats and the countdown for Justin to come on had started. I saw Kylie there and we were in the same row on the left side.

"Hey Kylie"

K-"Hey Maddie OMG I'm so excited!!"

"Me too I can't wait!!!"

The countdown now read 00:10 and Kylie and I started jumping and screaming.



3 <<<< (countdown)<<<<



By this point we were both freaking out. The concert began with a man talking on a screen for about 3 minuets and then a shadow of Justin with wings that started flying. Then the screen split and Justin came through on big wings with music notes and guitars on them. His dancers unstrapped him from the wings and started singing All Around The World. Kylie and I were jumping screaming and singing as he walked and danced all around the stage looking amazing.

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