My Love


3. Chapter 2

"Hey little sis" Alex said as I was walking down the stairs. I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. "Hey Alex" I said with bacon in my hand and watching tv. (T- tv)

T- "Justin Bieber sings a few songs for his fans while going to an interview"

I scream and drop my bacon on the table

T-"The teen pop star's fame and fortune sure seams to be getting bigger and bigger." I sat there staring at the tv smiling.


A-"Earth to Maddie"

"Huh? Oh sorry I was uh.."

A-"Daydreaming much?"

"I can't help it I love him"

A-"Doesn't he have a concert today?"

"Yea at 7:00"


There was a silence...

"Who was that on the phone this morning?"

A-"Old roommate"


A-"well somebody better get to school it's 7:30"

"Oh yea I'm gonna be late. See you after school!"


I walked out the door.

"Wonder what he's up to? Oh well nothing important."I said to myself.

I walked up the steps to the school and the bell rang to signal the start of the day.

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