My Love


2. chapter 1

(Maddie's POV)

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and the sound of my brother Alex talking on the phone. (A- Alex P-Person)

A- "I know I know but she really wants to go"

P- "I guess I could work something out but I'm not certain"

A-"Please do everything you can she would really love to go"

P- "I'll try"

A-"Thank you so much"

*Wonder what that was about*

*could it be..? No*

I think to myself about the conversation and who it was with and what it was about. "Better go get ready for school" I say to myself. I get in the shower and wash my hair. I pick out a grey sweater with a black scarf and my black beanie and my grey uggs. I put my clothes on and curled my hair a little bit and put on my make up. I grabbed my phone and my bag and walked downstairs.

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