Mourning Star *Sequel to Michael's Best Friend*

Olivia and Michael have been going strong for the two years they've been dating. Things with her and Ashton are back to normal and it's like nothing ever happened. Everything is back to normal. Well, almost everything. Olivia gets a lot of hate from the 'Michael Girls' in the 5SOS Fam and she tries not to let it get to her, but it's hard not to. Her phone beeps almost every two seconds with hate messages from Twitter and cutting was her only escape. Michael knows she had cut twice, but not all the other times. Just like the first time she went for a tryout shoot for Victoria's Secret, they just airbrush over it and her manager knows all about it. He helps her and makes sure she's okay. One day the hate goes to far, and so does Olivia.


4. Two

Olivia's POV


When I finally finished unpacking the next day, I decided to go get something to eat. I put on a pair of shorts, a tank top, and my flip-flops. I threw my hair in a messy bun and fixed my makeup that had gotten smudged. I grabbed my wallet and keys and drove to Macca's. I got my food and went back to my house, to see Michael calling me on Skype. I quickly jumped on my bed and answered it.


"I thought you died! What took you so long to answer?" Michael said over dramatically. 


"I wasn't home." I giggled.


"Why not?" He asked.


"Cause I was hungry and went to get Macca's." I said, holding up the bag.


"That's not fair. I want Macca's." He pouted.


"Oh, quit it. When you get back we can get Macca's together." I smiled.


"Just me and you, right?" He asked hopefully.


"Yes, Mikey, just us two." I giggled.


"HI LIVIA!" I heard Luke scream.


"Hi Luke! Tell Luke I say hi!" I told Michael.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah." He rolled his eyes, "Via says hi back Luke."


"Yay." I heard Luke say faintly.


"You know when we came to see you that's the loudest and talkative he's ever been. He's always sooo quiet." Calum said, popping up behind Michael.


"Caluuum!" Michael whined, "Go away!"


"No." Calum shook his head, crossing his arms. 


"But she's my girlfriend." Michael said.


"But she was my friend before she was your girlfriend." Calum said.


"No, she was my friend before she was my girlfriend." Michael said.


"Well, she was still my friend, too." He said.


"You make no sense." Michael said.


"You guys are entertaining to watch." I smiled.




Finally, it was time for Michael and the boys to come to Sydney. In the few weeks I was waiting, I got pretty adjusted to the hot weather and my accent had completely come back. I had two hours until their plane got here and it took about an hour and a half to drive to the airport. I got dressed in striped jeans and a black, button-up, sleeveless shirt that tied in the front. I curled my hair and put on my white Converse and added my black beanie. I did my makeup, straightened by hair, grabbed my keys and phone, then drove to the airport.


When I got to the airport I sat and waited. Which was really boring. A lady announced on this intercom thing that Mikey's flight was arriving. I stood up with everyone else who was waiting for people and watched as people emerged from the door.


"Livia!" I heard Luke screech and then I was pulled into a big hug.


"Hi, Luke." I giggled as he pulled away.


"What's up with your voice?" His eyes went wide.


"My accent is back." I laughed.


"It's so amazing oh my gosh." Luke smiled.


"Where's Mikey, Ash, and Cal?" I asked.


"Um, somewhere around here." He scratched the back of his neck, looking around. Then I felt two arms wrap around my waist, causing me to jump even though I knew it was Michael.


"Hey, baby." Michael said, spinning me around to face him.


"Hi, Mikey." I smiled as he kissed me.


"Where's Calum and Ashton?" Luke asked.


"Talking to some fans over there." Michael pointed to them by the doors.


"Well, then let's go over there." Luke said and we followed him, well, he dragged us over to them.


"Via!" Calum cheered, hugging me.


"Hi, Olivia." Ashton smiled, hugging me after Calum.


"Hi, guys." I smiled.


"OH MY GOSH, YOUR VOICE." Calum yelled.


"Stop fangirling over my girlfriend, Calum." Michael laughed.


"You can't tell me what to do." Calum narrowed his eyes at Michael.


"Just did." Michael smirked.


"Well, we should go get your luggage." I said.


"Yeah, before other people take it." Ashton said as we walked over to the baggage claim. They got their bags and we went out to the parking lot.


"My mom is here, we're meeting at the park later right?" Luke asked.


"Yeah, see you later." Michael nodded. He nodded and jogged over to a car, dragging his suitcase behind him.


"Aaaaaashton!" I heard a girls voice scream.


"My family is here, too. Bye guys." Ashton smiled, hugging us goodbye.


"Bye, Ashton." We said in unison.


"This would be my parents." Calum said as a car pulled into the parking lot.


"Bye, Calum." We smiled as he went over to the car.


"And you are my ride." Michael turned to me.


"Your not going to see your parents?" I asked, leading him to my car.


"I told them I'd be over later cause I was going to spend some time with you." He said.


"Ooooh." I nodded as he put his bag in the back seat.


"Keys." He held out his hand.


"But, Miikeeey!" I whined, "It's my car." 


"But, give me the keys." He shook his hand.


"It's my car." I said.


"Olivia Rose, give me the God damn keys." He laughed.


"Ergh, fine." I put the keys in his hand.


"I love you." He smiled, kissing me.


"Yeah, yeah, I love you, too." I smiled, going to the passenger side.

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