Never Let me go

I ran away exactly 1 year ago. From my abusive parents. I left my bestfriend Tara, and my boyfriend Josh. I broke up with Josh right before I left. He didn't know I was leaving. Nor did he or Tara know about my parents. I didn't tell Tara I was leaving either. I took some money I secretly saved from my job, instead of giving it to my parents. And, used that to get a bus to New York. I meet someone there. Then Josh found me. Who to choose? Who do I love?


4. Chapter 4 -Cleo-

Chapter 4 -Cleo-

*Jamie's P.O.V.*

I stretch out my arms and hit Colton. Only, he is awake texting. He looks at me. "One of my college friends are having a party... Wanna come?" "Sure." I groan. "Cool... It's a fancy party." I nod. "I don't have anything fancy." "Sure you do... Look in your closet." I look at him confused, but walk to my closet. In there is a brand new dress. "Awww. Thanks Colton." "No prob." "Why is it fancy." "Teachers found out it was on campus..." "Uh... Nice." He nods. "You know it's like... 1 pm right?" My eyes grew wide, and I quickly grabbed my phone, and sure enough it was 1:02 pm. "I'll go make lunch." "Don't worry about it... I already got us some Arby's" Colton said and smiled. I sighed with relief. And, Colton chuckled. He handed me a roast beef sandwich, and a coke. Once I finished all of my food, there was a knock. "Expecting someone?" I asked. "No... Are you?" "Nope." We both looked at each other confused and shrugged. "Beat ya to the door!" I challenged. "Oh you're on!" Colton said, and ran. "Hey no fair! I wasn't ready!" I screamed and ran. I slid down the handle to the stairs getting ahead of Colton. "Hey! That's not fair! That's against the rules!" "What rules?" I made it to the door and was about to open it, when two strong arms wrapped around me and turned me around. "Oh no you don't!" Colton said and dropped me opening the door, thus winning. I scoffed. Colton froze. I looked and saw a beautiful girl smiling widely. "Colty!" She squealed and hugged Colton tightly. "C-Cleo?" He asked shocked. She nodded still clinging on to him and kissed his cheek. Suddenly, jealousy took over me. "Um... Who are you?" I snapped. "Who are you?" She snapped back. "I asked first." "I'm Cleo." "That isn't the answer to my question." "Yo-" "Girls! Stop it! Cleo leave her be! Cleo this is Jamie my beautiful girlfriend, Jamie this is my little sister Cleo." Colton cut us off annoyed by his sisters presence. "Oh... I didn't know I'm-" "No, it's okay... I should have told you about her before. What are you doing back anyways Cleo." Colton cut me off. "Don't you see Colton!?! I've changed! I got away from the drugs. I'm not sleeping around anymore... I'm not in the gang anymore, I got away from that! I want my family back! I miss how it use to be!" She said. "Right... I've heard that before..." "I promise Colty! Just give me one more chance please?" "Cleo no-" "She's telling the truth." I said. "What?" "Colton she's telling the truth... Look in her eyes... There's kindness... Truthfulness... Sadness... Regret... Guilt... Don't you see it." I pointed out. He looked and his faced softened and he hugged Cleo tightly. "Your right... How did you do that?" I shrugged. "Thank you Jamie... If it wasn't for you... I probably wouldn't have my brother..." She said and hugged me tightly. "No problem... How did you find us anyways?" "I have ways..." I nodded slowly. "So... I'm guessing your confused?" Cleo asked. "Very." I admitted. She chuckled. "Well... When I was only 12, I made a new friend. I thought she was really cool. And, wanted to be just like her and be her bestfriend so I could be cool... Well... She was into drugs and smoked and drank... And even was in a gang.... Well, when she was 13 she got help and stopped, but I didn't I got worse and worse everyday... I became the leader of the group... My family got worried and got me help... But it didn't help... I liked the new me for some odd reason... Then, one day it got too much for everyone... And my parents gave me a choice to quit, and be the good girl I use to be, go to rehab, or leave. So, I packed and left to live with my gang... I left when I was 14 now, I'm 16 it's been 2 years... Recently, I realized how much I missed my family... And I couldn't live without them... And, I realized the life I was living wouldn't get me anywhere in life... So, I sunk away and came here." She explained, she was almost to tears, and I was to tears.... I got into some drugs, drank, and was in a gang before I ran away. I never have told anyone about that. Nor, anyone about why I ran away. No ones knows... Or probably ever will...

AN: Heyo! If you got confused... I redid the first chapter so, she never told Colton what had happened yet... I love yew!


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