Never Let me go

I ran away exactly 1 year ago. From my abusive parents. I left my bestfriend Tara, and my boyfriend Josh. I broke up with Josh right before I left. He didn't know I was leaving. Nor did he or Tara know about my parents. I didn't tell Tara I was leaving either. I took some money I secretly saved from my job, instead of giving it to my parents. And, used that to get a bus to New York. I meet someone there. Then Josh found me. Who to choose? Who do I love?


3. Chapter 3 -Happy Anniversary-

Chapter 3 -Happy Anniversary-

-Jamie's P.O.V.-

I open my eyes and see Colton staring at me. I scream, and throw a pillow in his face. "FREAK!" I scream. He laughs. "Sorry. You just looked so cute." I laugh. "You're such a freak." "That's why you love me." I get up. "Where you going." "To make breakfast." "Yay!" "Take a shower, and get ready, then food should be ready." "Yes mother." I laugh. "Does your mommy do this." I walk up to him and kiss him passionately. He smiles. "Well... Not like that.." I smile. "But, she still does kiss me." "Way. To ruin the moment." "What moment." I sigh. "Just go take you shower." I run downstairs, and make Colton's favorite, chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs. I finish that up, and put the food on the table along with orange juice, for both of us. I take his present from where I was hiding it, and put it under the table, so he can't see it. I stand up, when I hear Colton coming down stairs. "Hey babe." He says and kissed my cheek. "Hi." "No way... Is this.... CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES?" He asked. "I LOVE YOU!" I giggle. He is amazing. 


"So....." I say. "So....." He says mocking me. "Don't you mock me." "Don't you mock me." "Stop it!" "Stop it!" "Colton is stupid." "Colton is- HEY!" I laugh. Colton picked me up, and carried me on his shoulder. "PUT ME DOWN!" I scream. "Take it back." "No!" "Alright then, you asked for it." He sighs. "For what? COLTON?!?" He brought me up to the bathroom, the bathtub was filled with water. Colton splashed water in my face. I screamed. "COLTON THAT IS FREAKING COLD!" "I know... Take it back or..." Colton slowly tips me back. "No no no no! Colton please don't!" "Take. It. Back." "NEVER!" "Okay... Don't say I didn't warn you." He says. Tipping me back a little more, closer to the water. "You wouldn't!"  "Oh... But, you know all to well that I would." He tips me more, so now my hair was about to touch the water. "Coltonnnn." I squeal. He tips me more, now the tip of my hair was touching the water lightly. "Lat chance before, I dunk your whole body in." He warned. I held my breath. "Alright..." He says. I squeal again, he quickly changes from holding me over his shoulder, to holding me bridal style. He slowly bends down, making me closer to the water. "FINE OKAY YOU WIN! I TAKE IT BACK! JUST DON'T PUT ME IN THE DANG WATER!" I scream. "Good girl." I stick out my tongue. "Oh. Don't you get sassy with me girl. Don't forget... The water is still there." I put my tongue back in my mouth, and run. Colton chases me as I run throughout our large apartment. I finally run into our room, and lock the door. I start laughing. "LET ME IN! LET ME IN! LET ME INNNNNNNN!" Colton screams, while banging on the door. I laugh harder. "Let me in, or it's bathtub full of freezing cold water for you girly." I quickly unlock the door. "Good Jamie." "Now... let's get back to what I was going to say, before you started mocking me." "Oh so now it's all my fault." "Oh... I'm glad you understand..." I joke. I grab Colton's hand, and led him into the kitchen. I grabbed his wrapped present, and handed it to him. "Happy Anniversary, Colton." He smiled, and eagerly opened his present. "IT'S A XBOX ONE! THANK YOU BABY! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!" He hugged me tightly. "Colton... Can't.... Breath..." "Oh! Sorry baby.... Now... your turn!" Colton runs upstairs, and comes back down, with a few gifts. First, he hands me a small box. I open it and look inside. OMG.... it looks like.... awww a promise ring. "Awww. Thank you baby." I say. "I promise to be there when you need me, and always keep you safe, and I promise to never EVER break your heart." See he's perfect! He is sweet and funny. He is childish and crazy. And, he is loving and caring. Next, he handed me another box. It is small too. I open it and 2 ONE DIRECTION AND 2 AUSTIN MAHONE FRONT ROW TICKETS? I started to jump around and dance like a crazy person. Colton laughed. He handed me the last box it had 2 ONE DIRECTION AND 2 AUSTIN MAHONE BACKSTAGE/VIP TICKETS? OMG!!! "They're for next summer, you can bring anyone you'd like." "Well... of course i'm going to bring you!" "Well... you could always make a friend... If you'll talk to people." "Shut it!" He laughed. "Now... 'C'mon i'm taking you out for lunch." I smiled. I got dressed and did my hair:





I came out. "You look great!" Colton exclaimed. I blushed. "Thanks." "Where are we going?" "I was thinking romantic picnic in our secret hiding place." He said. I smiled. Our secret hiding place, was in the middle of the woods but was meadow. No one ever went there but us.


Crappy Chapter sorry :(


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