Never Let me go

I ran away exactly 1 year ago. From my abusive parents. I left my bestfriend Tara, and my boyfriend Josh. I broke up with Josh right before I left. He didn't know I was leaving. Nor did he or Tara know about my parents. I didn't tell Tara I was leaving either. I took some money I secretly saved from my job, instead of giving it to my parents. And, used that to get a bus to New York. I meet someone there. Then Josh found me. Who to choose? Who do I love?


2. Chapter 2 -New York-

Chapter 2 -New York-

Jamie's P.O.V.

The bus arrived in New York. I stepped out and enjoyed the beautiful city lights at night. I smiled I'm finally free! I started to dance around like an idiot. I really didn't care how stupid I looked. I heard someone chuckle. I turned around to face a guy about my age maybe a bit older. He was about 3 inches taller than me. He was indeed an attractive fellow. He had brown hair, and stunning blue eyes. "Your not from around here are you?" He asks. "No... Why?" He laughed, like what I asked was a stupid question. "Because, not many people in New York are stupid enough to dance around like total idiots." I gasped offended. "Are you implying, that I am an idiot?" He smirked, enjoying this. "Yep. Not many teenage runaways are very smart." "I have you know, I had all A's. And, how did you know I ran away?" He seemed really amused for some reason. "Where are your parents then?" I stayed silent, tears started forming. I quickly looked away so he couldn't see. I blinked them away quickly, and looked back up at him. "Are you alright? You just almost cried. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-" "No... It's alright." I said quickly cutting him off. "So... Where are you planning on staying... Little miss runaway? I'm Colton by the way." I smiled. I like that name... Like a lot... Ever since I was like... 5. "Truthfully... I don't really know... Probably a park bench tonight... Probably get a job.... See where it goes from there I guess... Oh, and I'm Jamie." "Well... A beautiful girl like you simply shouldn't be sleeping on a dang park bench. Especially, not wondering on the streets alone.... You can maybe... Urm... This may sound creepy... I want to help so.... Maybe stay with my parents and I?" He asked. "No no. I simply don't know you... Plus, I don't want to be a bother..." "You won't be a bother! Please? I won't try anything! We can get you a job... Maybe find you some fake parents to enroll you in school, so you can get a full education, and you could maybe go to college. Please?!?" I sighed. I couldn't give this chance up... He seems like a pretty nice guy.. Plus he's right... Who knows who could snatch me up, and kidnap me? "Fine." I gave in. He smiled a very charming smile, and grabbed my bag. He walked to his car (a yellow mustang), put my bags in the back, and opened the passenger door for me. I sat in the seat, and buckled up. 


Colton grabbed my bag, and unlocked the door, and held it open for me. "Mom. Dad. I'm home!" Colton called out. His mother and father stepped came over and hugged him. Both of them were very good looking. They both looked at me confused. "Mom, Dad... This is Jamie..." He explained to them everything that he knew about, and that I was going to stay here a bit. "Well... Welcome Jamie! You can have the girl guest room... Colton why don't you show Jamie to her room." Colton's mom said happily with a huge smile on her face. She must like company... Colton led me upstairs into a room, labeled 'Girl's Guest room' on the door, beside it there were 2 rooms labeled, 'Boy's Guest room' and 'Colton's room' "My mom likes to be organized. Soon this door will probably be labeled, 'Jamie's room'." Colton said. I nodded. He opened the door and set my bag on my bed. The room was quite nice. The walls were pained a lavender color, the floors were wooden, then it had a queen sized bed, with a pink zebra comfortable, with pink, and pink zebra pillows. The ceiling had a chandler for light. The walls had One Direction, Austin Mahone, Maroon 5, Vampire Diaries, and The Hunger Games posters... Which was alright with me because, sometimes I claimed to be at work, so I was able to go to Tara's house. We used to listen to One Direction, Austin Mahone, and Maroon 5, and also watch The Vampire Diaries and The Hunger Games on Netflix. Beside the bed was a night stand, with a lamp. Then, on the wall hung a large flat screen TV. There was also a walk in closet, and its own bathroom! This place was nice. I never had posters, a closet, my own bathroom, a TV, a lamp, or even a bed! Heck I didn't even have a light! All I had were the items I packed, and a thin blanket, and uncomfortable pillow! This is freaking amazing! "Like it?" I nodded happily. He smiled. "I never had anything like this! Not even my own bed!" I accidentally let slip out of my mouth. Crap! I quickly covered my mouth. Colton looked at me sympathetically. "Wanna tell me why you ran away?" "I just meet you.. I didn't even tell my best friend." "Okay... just tell me when your ready." He said. I nodded. I couldn't tell him, I don't hardly know him, I broke down into tears. Colton started crying too, and held me in his arms. 

-Colton's P.O.V.-

I don't care if I had just meet her. I can cry alright! This hurt me to see her cry. It hurt me so bad.

-Jamie's P.O.V.-

 I continued to cry into his chest. I settled down and looked into his gorgeous eyes. He looked right back into mine, and glanced at my lips and back into my eyes. I did the same. He slowly started to lean in, and I did the same. Our lips attached, and fireworks began to go off.


~1 year later/now~

So that's how it began. From there Colton and I became very, very close. We still haven't done anything serious though, since I am not comfortable, or ready because of what happened. Colton finished high school, 6 months later, and is in college now, to be a paramedic. We moved in together 3 months ago, and have our own apartment. Everything's great..... Oh! Did you think I was finished... This is only the beginning...


AN: Heyo! Do you think they got together too quickly? Should I just re-do the chapter? Should I even keep this movella up? Oh! And, pretend that Elena from 'The Vampire Diaries', doesn't look like Jamie, and Peeta from 'The Hunger Games' doesn't look like Josh! Thank you!


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