Our Story

The story is about a girl who's had a rough life, then a new boy transfers into her class and changes her in the process changes him as well. This story does get dirty so younger readers shouldn't read.


5. The First

(Authors Note: Younger readers this is where it will become more detailed, don't continue reading and I hope anybody reading this is enjoying it. If you have any request to make the story better please tell me!! thanks!)


He began to put his hands down my back and lower. He grabbed me and was kissing my neck. "I think we should go inside" i said "Are you sure you're ready?" "YES!!" I couldn't resist myself anymore I needed him so badly, he was driving me crazy! We went to his room, it was a mess and he was embarrassed. I seen boxers on the floor, "very nice" i pointed to them. he picked them up in a hurry and threw them in the closet. "I'm gonna use the restroom" i said, i had forgotten I put a pad on in case I was gonna start. I took it off then went back to his room. He had laid a winnie the pooh bear blanket across his bed. i laughed "aw how cute" he laughed as well. "shh i wanted to be romantic but this was all i could find." he said. " i crawled on top of him and kissed him, he flipped me over and was on top of me. He pulled my pants off and his own, then kissed my stomach and went lower. He began to finger me which made me moan. When he came up to kiss me I could feel his hard one on me, then he put it in. It made me moan so loud and he did a little too. The more I moaned he went faster and harder. "I can tell you like it rough" he said in a suductive voice. "mhmm" i said. When he pulled out we put some of our clothes back on. I looked at my hair and it was a birds nest. i began laughing which caused Harry to take notice and join me laughing. "That was really nice" i said. "good i'm glad you enjoyed it love, want to watch netflix?" "sure love" we watched netflix and i fell asleep in his arms which was comforting and safe.

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