Our Story

The story is about a girl who's had a rough life, then a new boy transfers into her class and changes her in the process changes him as well. This story does get dirty so younger readers shouldn't read.


1. The beginning

(Haleys POV) This year can't get any worse. I'm losing all my friends, I lost my job, and on top of it all the guy I loved. Of course me of all people get the worse luck in this whole world. No matter where I go, i'm either falling or failing.

"haley, haley!" I looked up.

"You're chosen to read now." my English teacher says to me. "uhm." as soon as I was about to humiliate myself as new student walks in, not exactly new though since he got quite the attention from his aquantinces. I've never seen him before which made it even more weird. He walked in with some girl hanging on to him. "wow he's hot." I mumbled.

"Took you two long enough go to empty seats away from eachother." I wanted him immediately I had a huge crush on him. "wow the day I look my worst the new hottie walks in" i say to my friend who sat behind me. "You know he has a girlfriend right?" she re-informs me. The next day I got to school I got exchanged out of my class and got a schedule change. I walked in to my new class and there he was I could spot him out anywhere.

"who is that guy on the other side of the room third seat?" I asked the guy sitting next to me. "oh him, that's Harry." The guy next to me had a charming Irish accent. Throughout the whole class period he just starred at me. I tried to avoid eye contact but it was so hard. When I got home I went on my computer and found him on facebook and requested him as a friend, within two minutes later he accepted. I was happy, before I went to bed that night I found him on Instagram and followed him, again within seconds he followed me back. For a week he would just stare at me, i kept wondering if he would ever just talk to me instead of stalking me from afar. That night i posted on facebook, "message me questions and i'll answer them truthfully." I got a message from him. "Do you ever see us dating sometime soon?"

"Wait don't you have a girlfriend?" He didn't answer me and said he was offline so I decided to go to sleep tomorrow was my birthday and i didn't really want to stress over it so much. That night I had hardly slept I was anxious and nervous to his reply.

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