Our Story

The story is about a girl who's had a rough life, then a new boy transfers into her class and changes her in the process changes him as well. This story does get dirty so younger readers shouldn't read.


4. Job Interview/ Confession

I woke up the next morning with 'Love Actually' still on, and Harry's arms around me. I was about to fall back asleep until I remembered what today was. "Crap!" I shouted while getting up and putting pants on. "What's wrong love?" Harry asked. "My interview! it's in thirty minutes and it takes me 40 to get their!" "don't worry i'll ask some friends to come over real fast they live in this neighborhood, they can help you get ready on the go." "How do you have friends who do that type of work?" i asked. "uhm well i'm kinda in a band.. I knew you didn't know and I was going to tell you but i don't know I guess I kinda worried you would see me different." Harry said. "Harry! I can't believe you never told me this!! we will talk about this as soon as I get back, i have to go." "don't you want them to help you?" he asked. "Oh right, alright call them tell them to hurry!!" 

When they got here we were already in the car with a private escort. Strangers were helping me with my makeup and hair. They left the dressing up to me. "Thank you so much!" i shouted while running up to the building I had my interview in. I walked in and felt the warmth and love around me. I went up to the receptionist and asked her where room 224 was, she directed me their. When I walked in the room I was greeted by two security guards and a man a suit. "Hello my name is Haley Donalds i'm here for the interview to be a manager?" The interview lasted an hour. "We'll call you to let you know" the man said. I called Harry when I walked outside once I realized I had no ride back home. When he showed up the car ride home we talked about his big secret he had hidden from me. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I was afraid you wouldn't see me the same was all" "don't be ridiculous Harry" I kissed him on his cheek. "want to grab something to eat?" he asked. "sure" i replied.We pulled into a restraunt and got our dinner. Harry kept kissing me on my neck, I hated so much that he learned that's my biggest turn on. "We should go to your flat?" I asked. "Are you sure love?" he asked. "positive" i winked. We got the check and drove to his flat. We walked over to the park down the street because his sister was home. "Follow me" he said. We went were no one could see us.

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