I need you

A girl named Annabeth moved to England to be away from the horrible life that she had in the U.S. She's smart, nice, but dosnt have a lot of friends. She thinks her life is going to be lonely forever until she meets a guy.....


2. Chapter 2

"Nice to meet you louis" I said

" nice to meet you too Anna"

He's so nice. He's kinda cute also

" umm do you have a job Anna"

"Yeah, I work at Macy's, I do the makeup and stuff"

"Oh that's cool" he said

"Do you have a job?" "Yeah, I work here, it's really fun"

"That's awesome! I would live to work here"

Then why don't you" " I already have a job"

" oh yeah, sorry" he said " it's okay"

"Well, I'll leave you two alone to chat"said Sophia

"Okay byeee"

"See you later louis"

"Alright bye" he said

I'm left alone with louis. Hopefully he starts the conversation

"Do you live with your parents?" "Umm, no I live alone, I have my own apartment"

"Me to"

My phone starts vibrating. When I look to see who's calling me, it my boyfriend. Great. "Umm hey Jake" "hey, I got news for you! "Really, what's the good news?" I'm getting a flight to England to be with you"

Just great.

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