I need you

A girl named Annabeth moved to England to be away from the horrible life that she had in the U.S. She's smart, nice, but dosnt have a lot of friends. She thinks her life is going to be lonely forever until she meets a guy.....


19. Chapter 19

I'm so excited for our date!! And its valentines day! Should I call Louis? Should I call him and say "happy valentines day"? Umm why not.

He answers on the third ring

"Happy valentines day!"

"Oh happy valentines day"

"So where are we going for dinner"

"Oh that's a suprise"

"Oh come lou, just tell me"

"You'll see when I pick you up"

"Fine. Well I'll see you later then"

"Okay see you later"

Louis POV:

I really hope she likes where I'm taking her. I was so happy when she confessed that she liked me that I thought it would be the perfect place to take her and on valentines day.

I have to find something to wear. I need to find something formal or casual, but what? I find that out later.

Should I get her something? A bracelet? Neckalce? A ring? Well not a ring cause then she will think I'm going to propose to her.

Anna's POV

"What should I wear?" I ask myself

That dress looks pretty nice but I dont feel like I want to wear it. I will just wear a cute top and jeans.

Hours past and it was time for the date!

Then louis calls me

"Hey Anna I'm outside"

"Okay I will be right there"

"Alright" he says then hangs up

When I walk out of my apartment, he's standing there by his car.

"Hey! You look really nice" he says

"Oh haha thanks. You as well"

"Thanks. Well shall we go now"

"Unm yes of course"

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