I need you

A girl named Annabeth moved to England to be away from the horrible life that she had in the U.S. She's smart, nice, but dosnt have a lot of friends. She thinks her life is going to be lonely forever until she meets a guy.....


18. Chapter 18

"Your a good kisser"


"Yeah haha"

"Okay haha"

"Do you want to go now?"

"Umm sure"

"Can we go to your apartment"


We arrive at my apartment then we discuss what we're going to do while we are here

"What do you want to do?"

"Can we play twister agian"


We begin to set up the game and I decide to go first

"Put your left foot on the blue dot" louis says


We continue to play until we are piled on each other

"Your going to lose" louis says

"Noo your the one who's going to lose"

"Nope, now you have to put your hand on the yellow dot"


I move and I reach the dot without falling

"Can you get the spinning thing" I ask


He reaches over and falls down on top of me

"You made me go and grab the thing to make me lose" he says

"That was the point"

"Your sneaky"

"Whatever haha"

"Hey do you know how to cook" he asks

"Umm yeah why"

"Cause I was wanting to know if you could make me something"

"Are you serious"

"In hungry, come on, please"

"Fine, what do you want"

"What do you got"

"Umm I don't know let me check"

"All I have is this steak"

"Ohh yes I love steak"


When I finish the steak I make a plate for him and I

"Here" I say and hand the plate to him


"Wow this is really good"

"Umm thanks"

"I wish you could cook for me all the time"


We finish eating then he tells me that he has to go so I walk him to the door

"So valentines day is tomorrow" he says while we are in the hobby


"Do you have any plans?"

"Umm no why"

"Cause I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out with me for dinner"

"Oh umm yeah I would love to go"

"Alright byee"

Then I hugged him and said bye

So I'm going on a date with him. I'm so excited!!

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