I need you

A girl named Annabeth moved to England to be away from the horrible life that she had in the U.S. She's smart, nice, but dosnt have a lot of friends. She thinks her life is going to be lonely forever until she meets a guy.....


14. Chapter 14

Jake needs to stop being so jealous! He really gets annoying. But I'm serious, if I want to hang out with Louie, I will! I want to go back into there but jake will be mad at me if do.

It's been a couple hours and we finally decide to go back home. I don't know what to talk about with jake. Like we always used to talk, but now he's got boring.

When we go into the room, jake starts to say something.

"Umm Anna, I kinda wanted to talk to you about something"

""What do you want to talk to me about"

"It's kind of hard for me to say it"

"Just say it"

"Do you think we should brake up"

"You wanna brake up" I'm surprised

"Well it seems like we've gone through a lot of problems lately and I just wanted to know if you wanted to"

"I don't know... I guess if that's what you want, we can"

"But if you don't want to then you don't have to"

"No it's okay"

"Okay" then he came up and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

"Well I guess it's over" I said

"Yeah, I'm really going to miss you, but it's for the best"

"Yeah" I can't believe we just broke up. Like wow.

We woke up the next morning and it was time for me to take jake to the airport. When we arrive there I look at him and he looked like he was sad.

"Are you sad" I asked him

"Well yes"


"Because besides all the drama that we had while I was here, I actually had a good time"


"Yeah, being with you is just awesome, well even though we sent together anymore, anybody would be as lucky as ever to spend time with you"

"Omg jake that's so nice of you to say that"

"Even though your not my girlfriend, your still my best friend"


"I think I have to go on the plane now"



"Bye" I start to tear up because he was right, besides all the drama we had a good time

"Don't cry, we can still text"

"I know but it's just that, I'm going to miss you" I hugged him and meant to because I am going to miss him

"Just remember that I love you even if we aren't together"

"I love you too" after I pulled out of the hug, we were just looking at each other then he kissed me.

"The last kiss"


"Alright I have to go bye"

"Bye" and then he walked away and boarded his plane.

I got really emotional at the airport. To be honest, he is my best friend and I love him for always being there for me.

When I go to my apartment I text Louie to see if he wants to get coffee or something



"Do you want to go out for coffee or something"

"Sure I'll be there in 10 minutes"

"Okay bye"


And as always he puts his little smily face. He's so cute

When I walk into Starbucks Louie literally jumped up when he saw me.

"Hey" he said to me


"How's it been"

"Good, but me and jake broke up yesterday it other than that everything is good"

"Oh I'm sorry"

"It's okay"

"Shall we order"

"Oh sure"

When we get our coffee we go and find the table Louie was sitting at



"I'm sorry for leaving you at the store like that"

"Oh it's okay"

"Okay, jake can gets a bit jealous sometimes"

"Ha yeah"

"Can I Ask you something"

"Umm sure" I tell him

"Why do you have such pretty eyes"

"Oh umm I don't know"

"Well you do have pretty eyes"


"And can I ask you a question"

And what is that"

"Why are you so adorable"

"Oh well thank you but you are more adorable than I"


"Really hahaha"

"Hahahahahha" we both start cracking up

"Imma go throw away my coffee" I tell him


Louie is so nice and adorable.

"Well do you want to do anything else while we are still together?"

"Umm sure whatever you want" I tell him

"Okay well I want to take you somewhere"

"Where do you want to take me"

"You'll see"

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