Kalei(KAY-lee) Clifford is Michael Clifford's little sister. Well, only by a year. He didn't want to tell the boys because he thought they'd try and get in her pants just like every other friend he's had. When he finally tells Ashton, Calum, and Luke, they're shocked. But when they meet her, Ashton realizes he knows her, but he can't let Michael or the other boys, know that.


1. Prologue


"What's up, Mike?" Ashton asked.


"Uh, well I kinda have to tell you guys something..." He scratched the back of his neck.


"Shoot." Luke said, leaning back on the couch.


"Well, I, um, I kinda have a sister." Michael said slowly.


"What do you mean 'kinda'?" I asked.


"Well, I have a sister. And I didn't tell you guys because I thought you would just try and get with her and yea." Michael said really fast.


"Well, when do we get to meet her?" Ashton asked.


"When she comes to LA to visit me." He told us. We nodded and went back to our rooms. I couldn't believe he hadn't told us he had a sister. How did he hide her from us when we did practice at his house? He had always said he was an only child. It was just so confusing.

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