More than Friends

Me and Harry have been Bffs since we were little. Even though we were made at eachother,we ended up being friends again. Through thick and thin,we were there for eachother


1. Valentine Week pt.1

Me and Harry were always best friends. We never did like eachother as boyfriends and girlfriends. Until this week, the truth is reveled. _____ "Hey Mia, whos your valentine?" I say,knowimg good and well she had no one. Im so mean. Good thing she knows we are bffs because shevwouldve been crushed me. "No one! For the last time!!!" She says. "I have no one either! High five!" I say, trying to at least encourage her about single. Being single isnt as bad. You can mingle because your single! "Michelle that isnt working. Im gonna see if harry will date meh." She says. "okay. Good luck!"+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Okay so this is only the first chapter! So it will get better!
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