Forbidden: A Deadpool Fan-Fic

What happens when you find out that you're Wolverine's daughter? Well, a lot happens. But what if you fall in love with your dad's enemy?
NOTE: if you're not familiar with various Marvel comics/ comic characters I strongly suggest NOT reading this.

WARNING: This Movella contains strong language and sexual innuendo. Read at your own risk.


4. 4. A Surprise

I slowly open my eyes and for a moment, I forget where I am. I jump outta the bed I was laying in. It comes back to me. Oh yeah, I'm staying at the mansion. Relieved, I get out of the bed and make it. I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday. I look at myself in the mirror. I comb out my long, straight brown hair. I look somewhat decent. I walk out of the bedroom and try finding the kitchen. I finally find it and see that Professor X and another guy are sitting at the table. "Ah, you're awake." Says the Professor, looking at me. I giggle. The other guy turns to face me. The first thing I notice are his eyes. They're all black, except the iris which is purple. "Hey petite. The names Remy. What's yours?" He says. "I'm Ashley. But you can call me Ash." I reply, blushing. His accent is such a turn on. "So what are your abilities?" Asks Remy, gesturing for me to sit. "Oh... I'm not a mutant." I reply. "Then why you here, cher?" He questions. "I'm here to meet-"

"Hey where the hell is it!" Shouts a raspy voice. "Where's what, mon ami?" Remy asks. Another person walks in. My dad. "Who's this?" He asks, pointing to me. Tears start welling up in my eyes. He doesn't even know me. "Ay, what's wrong petite?" Remy asks, putting an arm around me. I say nothing. I find my courage and walk up to my dad. "Gambit... what the hells going on?" Says my dad, clearly annoyed. "Okay, I know this is going to be really shocking... but you're my dad." I explain, tears streaming down my face. He says nothing. I hand him my locket contains a picture of him and my mother. "W-where's your mother?" He asks in a shaky voice. "She died when I was 4. I never knew you. I was in an orphanage for 14 years and got kicked out when I turned 18." I answer. My dad hugs me and I hug him back. I see the look on Gambit's face. He looks as shocked as my dad. "Are you-" Starts my dad.

"A mutant?" I finish my dad's question. "No, I'm not." I answer. Gambit leaves the kitchen with the Professor to give my dad and I privacy. I sit at the table with my dad. "I'm Ashley. But you can call me Ash." I inform my dad. He smiles. "What happened?" My dad asks, pointing out the multiple bruises on my arms. "I fell..." I lie. "I'm not an idiot. Tell me who did this." He demands. "M-my boyfriend." I stutter, trying to hold back tears. "That bastard! What's his name?!" My dad shouts angrily. "K-Kyle." I answer. Just saying his name makes me sick. My dad storms out of the kitchen. "Dad w-wait!" I cry, running after him. "I'm gunna kill that bastard." He growls. I just look at the floor and sigh. I'm not even gunna try stopping. Kyle deserves it.

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