Forbidden: A Deadpool Fan-Fic

What happens when you find out that you're Wolverine's daughter? Well, a lot happens. But what if you fall in love with your dad's enemy?
NOTE: if you're not familiar with various Marvel comics/ comic characters I strongly suggest NOT reading this.

WARNING: This Movella contains strong language and sexual innuendo. Read at your own risk.


32. 32. The Wedding

It's the morning of the wedding. It's finally here! I'm at the mansion getting ready. Rogue and Storm are my bridesmaids. Gambit and Cyclops are Wade's grooms men. "Hey darlin', ready for makeup?" Asks Rogue. "Yup." I reply with a smile.

Rogue finishes my makeup. It looks great. "You look beautiful Ashley!" Exclaims Storm, walking into the room. "Thanks." I blush. "Well, let's head down stairs." Says Rogue. I cover my face with the veil. I follow the girls downstairs. I can just barely see the guests sitting down. Honestly, it's not a big wedding. Among the guests are; The Avengers, The Fantastic 4, Professor X and the rest of the X-Men and of course, Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker). Yes, I know his secret identity. Me and him are good friends. It's almost time to walk down the aisle. I take a deep breath. This is nerve racking. "Ready?" My dad asks me. "As I'll ever be." I nervously reply. My dad and I link arms and start walking. Everyone stands as I walk down the aisle. "Keep her safe." My dad tells Wade as he hands me off. Wade nods. The priest... or who we managed to get as a priest starts talking. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..." Starts Nightcrawler.

Wade and I say our "I do's."

"You may kiss the bride." Says Nightcrawler. Wade lifts my veil and we share a passionate kiss. I hear everyone clap. We break the kiss. I'm looking foward to the reception tonight.

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