Forbidden: A Deadpool Fan-Fic

What happens when you find out that you're Wolverine's daughter? Well, a lot happens. But what if you fall in love with your dad's enemy?
NOTE: if you're not familiar with various Marvel comics/ comic characters I strongly suggest NOT reading this.

WARNING: This Movella contains strong language and sexual innuendo. Read at your own risk.


21. 21. Goodbye

"Dad!" I yell at him angrily. My dad growls. I walk over to Deadpool. "Wade, it wasn't your fault." I reassure him. "It was." I sighs. "Stay here for a sec. I'll be back." I instruct him. "Whatever." He replies. I walk over to my dad. He growls at me. "Don't you fucking growl at me!" I yell. "Don't you talk to me like that Ashley!" He shouts back. "Shut up! You're a pathetic excuse of a dad!" I shout back. He looks at me in shock. "Ashley!" He yells, extremely upset. "If you really gave a shit about me you wouldn't try killing my friend!" I argue. "I'm trying to keep you safe!" He yells. "Yeah, you've really been doing a great job of that!" I yell back, with sarcasm. "Calm down." My dad says, taking a deep breath. "No! Yenno what? I'm done with your crap dad! Good fucking bye!" I shout, tears rolling down my face. I turn and walk to Deadpool. "Ash, wait!" Gambit cries, catching up to me. "Bye Remy. I-I'll come by tomorrow to get m-my stuff." I say in a shaky voice. "Ashley, we'll work something out." He says. "N-no. I-I'm done." I say. I get to Wade and he takes my hand. "You gunna be okay?" Wade asks. "C-can we j-just go?" I ask though sobs. "Yeah." He replies. With that, we walk out of the mansion.

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