Forbidden: A Deadpool Fan-Fic

What happens when you find out that you're Wolverine's daughter? Well, a lot happens. But what if you fall in love with your dad's enemy?
NOTE: if you're not familiar with various Marvel comics/ comic characters I strongly suggest NOT reading this.

WARNING: This Movella contains strong language and sexual innuendo. Read at your own risk.


20. 20. Rescued

The giant snake is now coiled around my entire body, slowly suffocating me. I feel my ribs crack and scream out in pain. All the heroes can do is watch as I die. "Stop!" Shouts a voice in desperation. I try to speak but I can't. I can barely breathe, let alone talk. "Here take the staff!Just don't hurt her!" Says Deadpool in surrender. The snake suddenly disappears, leaving a cloud of green smoke. Relieved, I gasp for air. Wade runs over to me and unties my hands and feet. There's a puff of purple smoke and Loki emerges. "Ah, my staff." He evilly smirks. "You got what you wanted. Let her go!" Yells Deadpool. "Temper, temper." Loki says, shaking his head. I try standing up, but I fall due to my cracked ribs. Luckily, Wade catches me. "There's too many people her." States Loki. With that, there's a large puff of purple smoke. All the heroes are gone. It's only Me, Deadpool and Loki. "Give her healing factor back to her!" Demands Wade. "Ugh. Very well." Sighs Loki. My healing factor kicks in. I'm healed. "Now go!" Loki instructs. There's a smoke cloud surrounding me and Wade.

We're teleported back to the mansion. My dad and the rest of the X-Men are there. I run up and the whole group hugs me. My dad walks up to Wade. "This was your fault, you idiot." Growls my dad.

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