More than a best friend

They grew up together, but when he left her to join the band after a few months apart he found out how much she meant to him and how he couldn't live without her. But does she feel the same way?
this is a story about two best friends.


3. the moment

A few hours had past and harry couldn't sleep knowing she was out with that guy doing god knows what. He walked over to her bedroom to find a sketchbook on the desk while flipping through it he notice a few sketches of him.

He couldn't help bit to smile did this mean he had a chance? The door was being opened and she walked into her bedroom.

"Styles why are you still awake?" There stood Minerva. " Yeah I wanted to wait until you came in, how was the--- are you drunk?" Her cheeks were flustered and she looked exhausted. " Ashton left me to join his ex-girlfriend after she sent him a long apology text so I wanted to keep myself company and drank a lot”


“ you’re not good with alcohol remember?”  Harry pointed out helping her make her way to her bedroom. “I got better since you've been gone see I haven’t puk--- before she could finish her sentence his shirt was stained by her puke, he told her to wait there as he changed shirts mumbling a few things as he walked away.

“ that feels better” she growled softly and sat down on her bed taking off her shirt. “Why is it so hot here” she mumbled. Just as she was about to take off her short harry walked into her bedroom.

“ Hey why are you take off your clothes?” he told her as she rolled around in her bed. “ Its so warm, give me your shirt” she tucked on his shirt making his cheeks turned bright red. He pulled off his shirt handing it to her so she could cover herself. “You should rest you look tired” he whispered to her. “Will you stay with me like we did as kids? Aren’t you tired?”


His voice was low. “ I am” he leaned down next to her as she put the duvet over both of them, she ran her fingers through his hair and smiled at him.

“Why is your hair so soft? I want me hair to be this soft” he couldn't take his eyes off of her and leaned into her to plant a kiss on his as he cupped her face with his big hands.  Their lips touched softly and stayed like that for a bit until they broke off. “ I have puke breath,” she told him as he laughed.

“ I don't care I waited for too long for this”  he slowly kissed her while he ran his fingers all over her body. He removed his shirt off of her leaving her once more in her underwear and bra.  He loved holding her and running his fingers all over her body he leaned down and nibbled on her neck while she ran her fingers in his hair once more.  Things started to get a little more passionate once h claps off her bra pull off the straps while she moved to remove his pants. 

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