More than a best friend

They grew up together, but when he left her to join the band after a few months apart he found out how much she meant to him and how he couldn't live without her. But does she feel the same way?
this is a story about two best friends.


1. missing you

Being best friends for years had it's benefits, she knew she could always count on him whether it was if her parents forgot to pick her up from dance practice to her high school crush dumping her for the cheerleader captain.


When she had moved out of her parent’s house into her own flat he was her roommate for a year and a half until he joined a band and success came his way. She was thrilled for him but she missed having her best friend around.


" What am I doing? I'm about so watch an 80s rom-com movie marathon?" She could hear him snickering at the end if the line. " On a Saturday night?" There he goes teasing her. " You seem to have forgotten this use to be our tradition before you became mister big star!" He laughed again and took a long pause before answering.


" I miss that! I feel like I need a break and hang out with my favorite home girl" she did miss him, after all it was her best friend, before she could answer him she felt a hand on her shoulder sending shiver all over her body. That wasn't possible her roommate Libby was gone for three weeks visiting her boyfriend.


She grabbed her sociology book and swings it over her shoulder hitting the stranger. And running toward the door grabbing her long board to protect herself " OUCH" she looked behind the coach to find her best friend holding his cheek which was now bright red. 


" Styles? What the fuck--?" She yelled dropping her board and helping him out.

" I wanted to surprise you so I thought scaring you would be funny! Well I'm definitely not doing that anymore" she moved him to the coach grabbing a ice pack.

" Can you maybe tell me next time you'll sneak into my apartment? What how did you get in?" He showed her the spare key she made him before his tour. " You kept it?" She smiled at him.

" Well yeah in case I was in town and needed a place to crash! Hate staying in the hotel rooms" his attention focused on her he grabs her arm pulling her into a hug. " Minerva I missed you so much" hugging him back felt weird, within a few month his whole body transformed, admittedly, it was nice. 

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