Tiny Dancer

Seven Cry (19) was a dancer. Ballet to be exact. She has been dancing for 15 years. She goes to a dance academy and is in 3rd year. She was having a wonderful year until five boys came on assignment. One Direction.


3. oh, fun.

I looked Harry up and down. Head, to toe. Harry styles. My used to be child best friend, now in a world famous band. I have to teach HIM? Miss Duncan nodded her head and left the room. Harry stifled a laugh.

"What's so funny Styles?" I spat.

"You've gotten big." He says between tufts of laughter.

I glare at him. Jerk.

"Let's get started with barre." I grumble. Oh, fun.

Sorry it's soooo short! I'll write another chappy right away!

Love y'all! <3

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