Tiny Dancer

Seven Cry (19) was a dancer. Ballet to be exact. She has been dancing for 15 years. She goes to a dance academy and is in 3rd year. She was having a wonderful year until five boys came on assignment. One Direction.


2. en pointe

I slid my gel toe pad onto my right foot and hastily grabbed my over used pointe shoes. Tying them tightly, I glance over to my teacher/headmaster, Miss Duncan. I stood up and rolled up en pointe.

"Seven? What are you doing here?" Startled, I turn my head gradually with a roll of my eyes. I recognized that voice. That high pitched, squeaky annoying little girls voice. Hayley.

"Oh, hi Hayley. Miss Duncan told me to come down. She's putting me on this assignment thing with this boy. His name's Harry or something." I say monotonaly.

"Oh." Hayley replied bluntly. Disappointment tinged in her voice. "I'm just here to practice."

I nodded my head not interested in anything she was doing. She walked over to the mirror and started barre.

I heard the double doors squeak open and I stand up and imidietly go to b-plus.

"Seven." Miss Duncan nods to me. I curtsie in respect. "Meet Harry. Styles. He will be your project for the next week."


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