Sofia's Story- Goblet of Fire

Sofia enters Hogwarts in Harry Potter's fourth year, the year of the Triwizard Tournament and the return of Voldemort. She is a member of the Adema line, the oldest and most powerful pure blood family alive. The timing of her entry to Hogwarts is no coincidence. She has a secret that she can tell no one. She is cursed to a life that gives her no free will.


10. The Return

“Sofia what’s wrong with you?”

Sofia nearly fell backwards.  She was sitting in the Quidditch Stadium.  Natalie was sitting beside her looking worried.

“What?” Sofia asked.

“You’ve just been sitting there staring into space for like an hour.  You didn’t even move when red sparks went up!”

The sky was dark.  Sofia felt like just a few moments ago the sun had been high in the sky.

“Red sparks?  Who came out?”

“Fleur, of course! You were right.  She never stood a chance.  She was only in for maybe forty-five minutes.”

Just as Natalie was saying that, a burst of red sparks filled the sky like fireworks.  The crowd gasped and began whispering furiously, trying to figure out who was the next to fall out of the running.

“Oooh I wonder who it is!” Natalie squealed excitedly.  “I don’t want it to be Viktor, he’s just too amazing but I think I would be devastated if it were Harry or Cedric.”

Sofia rolled her eyes as Natalie turned away from her to continue squealing excitedly with other students who actually cared.  She was too busy thinking about her daydream.

What had happened?  Normally when she split her mind she had complete control over what both halves did, but this time it had been completely out of her control.  It seemed as if her mind had become one again and was controlled by something or someone else.  And what was with that animal she had become?

Sofia stared down at her wrist.  Though her sleeve was covering it, she could not help but think about her tattoo.  Had she really just become a wolf?  Why?

Then there was the vision, the small man and his message.  The Dark Lord would need her.  Surely he wasn’t talking about…no.  He couldn’t be.  Sofia refused to let this thought enter her mind, forcing it away and instead focusing on the conversations of the people around her.

It was Viktor who had sent up the red sparks and been removed from the maze.  Now only Cedric and Harry remained, and all anyone could do was wait.

It seemed like hours passed, the dark of night seeming to eat away at Sofia’s mind.

“Should it be taking this long?” Natalie asked.

Sofia shrugged, but had a sinking feeling in her heart that something was not right.  Maybe she was just unsettled by the vision she had earlier, if that was what you could call it, or nervous to see who the winner would be.  She tried to convince herself that this must be it, that nothing was really wrong.  After all, the mage did seem to be huge.  It probably just took a really long time to find the Triwizard Cup.

Very suddenly, a flash of light appeared in front of the crowd.  It disappeared and Sofia could make out the shapes of a few mangled bodies.

Harry was holding tight to the Triwizard Cup, but holding even tighter to Cedric.  He was leaning over the older boy, not looking up at the crowd that had erupted into cheers.  Then, someone let out a scream as the realization of what was going on hit.

Harry was crying and screaming.  From somewhere nearby, Sofia heard the screams of what sounded like Cedric’s parents.  Students began to cry and shout.  It was chaos.

Sofia felt Natalie reach for her but she pulled away as quickly as she could.

She ran down the stadium.  She could not see Cedric’s body through the mass of people that surrounded him, and she was thankful for that.  Over all of the noise she could hear Harry scream “he’s back, Voldemort’s back.”

All feeling left Sofia as she ran.  She ran like she had never run before, not knowing or caring where she was going, just needing to go anywhere but here.

He couldn’t be back.  He wasn’t back.  This wasn’t happening.  It was all a dream, a nightmare. She was going to wake up.  She was going to open her eyes and none of this was going to be real.

She felt hand grab her arm and pull her to a stop.  Strong, kind arms closed in around her and held her close.  She fell into the grasp, not realizing that she had been crying.

“Calm down, Sofia.  It’s alright your safe.”

Draco’s voice was so soft and kind but it did nothing to sooth Sofia.

“He isn’t back.  He can’t be back.  This isn’t happening” Sofia sobbed as Draco held her tighter.

“I thought you would be okay with his return.  After all, didn’t your parents help him before he fell?”

If it were even possible, Sofia began to cry harder.

“They didn’t want to.  They never wanted to.  They didn’t have a choice.  They never have a choice.  I don’t have a choice.”

Draco spun her around and forced her to look into his soft eyes, his hands on her shoulders steadying her.

“What do you mean you don’t have a choice?  Of course you do, Sofia.  You always have a choice.”

And then, because there was nothing left for her to do, Sofia told him the truth.  She blurted it out, letting it spill out like the tears that were falling from her eyes.


That night, Sofia sat in her bed unmoving.  She had not cried since she had left Draco.  The rest of the school had cried enough to make up for her.  She fed of their grief, allowing it to strengthen her, to spark a fire in her heat and let it burn uncontrollably.  She knew what was coming, and knew that she would need all the strength that she could manage.

It happened just after midnight.  Her tattoo seared hot across her wrist and felt as if it were pulling her away.  She looked at it and saw that it was bright red, like the flames that had leapt from the Goblet of Fire what seemed like a lifetime ago.  She closed her eyes and gave in to the pulling and when she opened her eyes again, she was standing in the graveyard that she had been in earlier.  Only this time she was human, and this time she was not alone.

Dark hooded figured surrounded her in a circle, but they were surrounding someone else too.  A tall figure, with white skin, dark red eyes and slits for nostrils stared at her with a forbidding smile on his face.

“Ah, Miss Adema,” the cold high voice hissed, “what a pleasure it is to finally meet you.”

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