Sofia's Story- Goblet of Fire

Sofia enters Hogwarts in Harry Potter's fourth year, the year of the Triwizard Tournament and the return of Voldemort. She is a member of the Adema line, the oldest and most powerful pure blood family alive. The timing of her entry to Hogwarts is no coincidence. She has a secret that she can tell no one. She is cursed to a life that gives her no free will.


2. Sofia

Sofia was more nervous than she had been in her entire life, though she refused to let if show.  She did not want to be judged by her name, by her family, by her blood, or by her curse.  She wanted to be judged for her accomplishments, for the good she did in the world, for how she fought the curse.  Yet she knew the way of the world.  She knew that all people really looked at was a name.

She sat down diagonal from Harry Potter.  She did not need to look at him to know that he was staring at her, studying her.  Though she could tell he was kind, she knew he would think differently of her if she knew her curse.  They all would.

Hermione Granger patted her on the back.

“Congratulations Sofia” she said politely. “I’m Hermione Granger.  This is Harry Potter and that is Ron Weasley.”

She pointed across from Sofia at the red haired boy who was staring back at her.  No doubt a thousand questions were filling his mind.  Sofia tried to keep her green eyes soft and friendly, but she felt a cold wall coming up to guard her from emotion.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all” she said in a very proper Danish accent.  Though she could speak many languages flawlessly, without accents, she would let her accent slip through when she was nervous.

She turned her back on the people around her and stared up front, pretending to be enthralled in the sorting of the remaining first years.  She could sense that Hermione was buzzing with questions, but was glad that the older girl held her tongue.

A few more first years joined Sofia at the Gryffindor table.  They all stared at her as they sat down, but she ignored them.  She was relieved when the sorting ended and Professor Dumblebore stood to speak.

“I have only two words to say to you,” he told them. “Tuck in.”

“Hear, hear!” said Harry and Ron loudly as the empty dishes filled magically before their eyes.

“So Sofia,” Hermione said as she began to fill her plate with food. “What is Denmark like?”

“It is the most beautiful place in the world,” she replied.  “Winters can be a bit mild, but summers are gorgeous.   My family always spends our summer in our villa on the water.  In winter we go back to our home just outside Copenhagen.”

“Do you know any spells?” Hermione blurted out, the question obviously too much for her to contain.

“A fair few” Sofia replied, though she was grossly selling herself short.  She knew much more than the even the most advance first year should know, and she was quite aware of the fact.

“My parents were never strict about enforcing no underage magic as long as we were safe about it.”

“So you have siblings then?” Hermione asked.

“Two younger brothers” Sofia said, growing bored of the conversation. 

It took a lot to keep her attention, and small talk about her family and magical powers were completely uninteresting.  She allowed her mind to wander, though still appearing to be actively participating in the conversations around her.  That was something she was good at, splitting her mind to allow it to perform multiple tasks at once.

As her eyes drifted around the Great Hall, she met numerous eyes who would look away quickly when she seemed to notice them staring.  She let her gaze wander until her green eyes stopped on two cold black ones that were staring intensely back. She felt herself fidget under the cold gaze of Professor Snape.  There was a cruel and knowing look in his eyes.

Though Voldemort had been before her time, she knew very well of the involvement he had with the Dark Lord.  She only wondered if he knew her secret, the same way that she knew his.

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