Being 17, a junior in high school, and diagnosed with Leukemia isn't something that would make someone happy. It's hard. My name is Sarabeth. Just Sarabeth. My mom passed away from Leukemia and I am scared now. I live with my dad, older brothers Braylin, Brayson, and Braydon, and I am neighbors to the Horans. Yes. Famous Niall Horan. But he's back to finish his high school and Harry lives with him. I am American but we live in Ireland. That's me in a nutshell. Thanks!


5. Why me?

Harry's POV


I waited in the waiting room with Brayson and Braydon. Braylin was still MIA. We waited until the doctor finally came out. "Well, she's got a minor concussion from hitting the floor. Otherwise, we'll have the big results in a couple days. I'll call you when they come back." We thanked him and he walked away. I sighed and ran a hand through my curls. "Harry! I got your text! Why are you stressing so much?" Niall asked walking up behind me. I turned to see him out of breath and with a slightly reddened face. "Well after all the blood was drawn Sara went to stand up but she wobbled and then fell. The Doc just said she has a minor concussion and can go home in a few hours. So we're waiting." I sat back down and he joined me. I rested my head in my hands for a while.


Sarabeth's POV


As I walked out of my room and into the waiting room I saw a familiar moppy-headed boy sleeping in the waiting room. I walked over to him and poked his cheek. He jumped and flailed his arms. I started laughing at him. "You should've seen your face!' I said bending over laughing. I straightened up and caught my breath. Looking around the room I realized Braylin wasn't there. I look at Brayson, "Where's Braylin?" Everyone looked away from me. "Guys. Where's Braylin?" I looked around the room again. "Where's dad?" No one answered me. I sighed and started to walk out of the hospital. Brayson caught up to me, "Hey! Where are you going?" He asked grabbing my arm and pulling me to face him. "I'm going to find my brother." I pulled my arm from his grasp and left the hospital.

I finally found my way home and when I walked in it was unusually quiet. I walked upstairs and looked in both of their rooms. No one was there. I sighed and went into the bathroom. I screamed at what I saw. Both my dad and my brother lying on the floor. Bottles and bottles of pills surrounding them. There were two notes on the counter. Tears were silently streaming down my face as I picked up the one with my dad's familiar sloppy handwriting.


I'm so sorry. Braylin talked me into it. I love you. But he has good reason and I agreed with him. I'm sorry! I love you so much and I'll see you again. I promise. I'll be waiting for you. I'm finally with your mom again. I'm so sorry.! I love you so much!



I fell to my knees at my father's side. I screamed out and kept  screaming till I couldn't anymore. I lifted myself up to grab Braylin's note. Before I could read it the bathroom door crashed open and there stood Niall. "I heard you screaming and --Oh my God." His mouth dropped open and he stopped in his tracks. "Sara I'm so sorry." He got down and pulled me to him. I cried and cried into his shirt as he tried to soothe me. I flipped open Braylin's note.



I didn't want to leave you. I had no choice. I wasn't gonna lose mom and then you. But don't worry, we'll see each other again... I promise. And no matter what, don't you dare ever give up until the very end. You fight for all you've got. You have to promise. You keep fighting. You be good and live your life. I want you to know that I left some money in my place. You know where that is. You get that money and you live. You travel. You get out and see the world. And take that Harry kid with you. He really cares about you. And don't forget Niall and Lizzybeth. :D I love you and I'm so sorry.



My senses weren't working. I could faintly hear Niall right next to me. He was talking to someone. I couldn't see anything but the words on the paper in Bray's neat handwriting. I looked up and blinked until I saw my brother's body. I screamed out loud as the tears streamed down my face. Suddenly I heard Brayson's voice in my ear. "It's okay Sara. Come on." He pulled me from Niall's arms and into his. I screamed into his shirt until I physically couldn't. I sobbed silently, my body wrenching with the tremors. He picked me up and carried me to his room. We laid on the bed and cried into each other with Braydon as well. Eventually I fell asleep, but not before thinking....


Why me? What have I done to deserve this?

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