Being 17, a junior in high school, and diagnosed with Leukemia isn't something that would make someone happy. It's hard. My name is Sarabeth. Just Sarabeth. My mom passed away from Leukemia and I am scared now. I live with my dad, older brothers Braylin, Brayson, and Braydon, and I am neighbors to the Horans. Yes. Famous Niall Horan. But he's back to finish his high school and Harry lives with him. I am American but we live in Ireland. That's me in a nutshell. Thanks!


1. The First Signs

Sarabeth's POV

I was swinging on the swings, my long blonde hair flowing behind me as I hung out with my best friend Elizabeth. She sat on the railroad ties that surrounded the swing set. I got super high and jumped off. I landed on my feet but then lost my balance and fell forward, my hands hitting the ground hard. I laughed as I stood up. I dusted the sand from my bare knees and walked over to Elizabeth. "Yeah! I got it!" She said handing me my iPhone. I laughed and watched the video. I actually looked graceful until the landing. I laughed at my face in the video.

"Hey ladies." I heard a smooth, thick, British accent say behind us. I turned and saw Harry and Niall standing there. "Hi." I said slipping my phone into the back pocket of my shorts. I had a bit of trouble seeing as it had an Otterbox on and it wouldn't slide into my pocket like I wanted it to. I ended up just holding my phone. I went to run my hand through my hair when I noticed a bit of bruising on my hand. I stared at it for a bit. Fear of what this could possibly mean taking over my body. I shook it off and looked at the beautiful guys standing in front of me.

"So what are you two ladies doing here during class hours?" Niall asked. I laughed, "I could ask you guys the same thing." They both laughed and I walked back to the swing I was just swinging on. "Touche my friend." Harry said as I sat down on the swing. I laughed. "So you're my neighbor but I don't know your name." Niall said turning to me. I cocked my head to the side, "So what's your point?" I asked smirking. "Oh pardon me." He got down on one knee. "Ello m'lady. I'm so graced to be in the presence of such a beauty. May I have the honor of knowing whom I'm speaking to?" He mocked a knight. I stood from the swing and curtseyed, "Lady Sarabeth my good knight." I laughed with him as he kissed my hand. When he grabbed it I felt a stab of pain as he hit my bruising. As soon as he pulled it away from his face I ripped my hurting hand from his.

He gave me a questioning look but I ignored it and looked at my phone. 3:47 in the afternoon. "Shit" I mumbled under my breath. Then I caught a glimpse of my hands. Both of them were purple and blue bruised along the bottom of my palm. I gasped and looked away from them. I shoved them deep into my pockets. Phone and all. I got confused looks from anyone except Elizabeth. She shared a look of fear as well. "Hey well it was fun talking to you guys." I said as I hurried towards my house. Which was just down the road. I almost ran home.

I swung the door open. "BRAYLIN! BRAYSON! BRAYDON!" I yelled for my three older brothers who are triplets. Braydon was the first to enter the room. "Why are you yelling at me? I'm the only one home." He ran his hand through his sandy blonde hair. His green eyes sparkled with curiosity. I ran to him and hugged him. "Woah. What's the matter Sara?" He asked. He voice no longer filled with the joking it always is. I didn't say anything. I just showed him my hands. "Holy shit! What did you do? Get ran over by a bus?" I looked at the bruises. "No. Braydon... All that happened was I fell on my hands after losing my balance." I kept staring at my hands knowing the possibility of what this could mean. "Hey. Don't worry sis. It can't be." He tried soothing me. It didn't really work. I walked up to my room thinking, Wow... This can't be happening to me....

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