Being 17, a junior in high school, and diagnosed with Leukemia isn't something that would make someone happy. It's hard. My name is Sarabeth. Just Sarabeth. My mom passed away from Leukemia and I am scared now. I live with my dad, older brothers Braylin, Brayson, and Braydon, and I am neighbors to the Horans. Yes. Famous Niall Horan. But he's back to finish his high school and Harry lives with him. I am American but we live in Ireland. That's me in a nutshell. Thanks!


4. Appointment

Sarabeth's POV

I sat at the counter waiting for Niall and Harry to finish getting ready. I was about to fall asleep again when someone tapped my on the shoulder. I looked up and saw Harry. He was wearing dark wash jeans, white converse, and a black v-neck. "C'mon. Niall's in the car." I went to stand up but lost my balance. Harry's arms shot out and caught me before I smacked my head on the counter. He kept his arm around my waist as we walked out to the car, which I was very thankful for because I was so tired that I would've fallen down again. I got in the backseat and Niall drove off.

We got to the school and I didn't even wanna be there. I trudged through my classes. When the bell rang at 3:22 I was by my locker. Niall came to me. "Hey! I've got football practice! Harry will take you to the appointment." I looked at him. "Braylin is supposed to take me to the appointment." I said. "Sara... Braylin didn't show up to school. We haven't seen him at all today." My face fell and I looked down. "Oh okay. I'll be in the car." Niall hugged me for an extra long amount of time. Over the past week we've gotten extra close. Elizabeth has changed. She doesn't talk to me as much as she used to. We don't hang out at all. She's started dating Dillon. My bully. But oh well I guess right?

I walked out of the school and towards where Niall had parked this morning. There was a little pothole thing in the parking lot and I didn't see and I fell. I heard a bunch of laughing. I looked up to see Dillon and his friends. Elizabeth was right at his hip as per usual. I sighed. I went to get up but Dillon walked over to me. "Hey Bethy. When did you start walking? Doesn't seem like it's been too long." He laughed and grabbed my phone again. He went to to get into it but I had put a lock on it. "Oh ho ho! So someone got smart? Well let's see here." He looked at it, turned it over in his hands, and then laughed. The next thing I know is that my phone is lying smashed on the ground under Dillon's foot. 

I stood up and grabbed all my stuff and hurried to the car before anything else could get ruined. I got in the front seat. I sat there huging my bag when the driver's door opened. I threw the keys at Harry as he buckled up. "Just drive." He didn't say anything as he started the car and took off, out of the parking lot. We drove in silence till the car finally stopped at the hospital. I got out and started walking into the clinic, just to hear what I already know. I walked up to the receptionist. "Hello there dear. What can I do for you?" I smiled at the kind old lady behind the desk. "Umm. I'm here for an appointment. My name's Sarabeth."Her fingers furiously typed on her keyboard. "Okay honey. Just go sit over there and it'll be just a moment." She gestured to the empty waiting room. Harry followed me over and I sat down.

We waited only a little bit before a very familiar nurse walked out. "Sara." She said looking sympathetically at me. "Hey Becca." I stood up and grabbed Harry's hand. I walked and followed her back. She did a real quick physical before leading me back to the room. I waited a few minutes in silence with Harry before the doctor walked in. I sighed when the doctor walked in. "Hello Sarabeth. How are you?" he asked looking at his clipboard. "I've been better." Harry squeezed my hand reassuringly. "Well let's get on with this. Becca and I are going to be doing some tests. I'll hook you up to an iv just to keep fluids going and there will also be blood bags just in case." Then Becca walked back into the room with the bags and other supplies. I let them hook up the iv and then sat back while they pulled all the blood they needed. I waited a while before they told me it was alright I left. As I stood up my legs felt shaky and I suddenly got lightheaded. The last thing I remember before the darkness is Harry screaming my name.


Harry's POV


I sat there and watched as Sarabeth endured all this agonizing pain from all the blood being drawn. I watched as she took it all. Not one tear was shed. The doctor then told us we could leave and as she stood up I watched as her legs wobbled and she fell. Involuntarily I screamed, "Sara!!!" My body reacted and I flew forward to catch her before she fell all the way to ground. I wasn't fast enough and her head slammed on the ground with a disgusting smack. I fell to my knees and picked her up bridal style. She was limp in my hands as I placed her on the bed. The doctor and nurse pushed me out as two other nurses ran into the room.


I walked out and waited in the waiting room.

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