Will They Make It Through High School???? (Hannah And Charles)

This story follows around Hannah who is a typical daddy’s girl; she cares about two things her grades and her virginity and Charles who is the typical high school bad boy; he only cares about one thing himself But when summer love happens between the opposites and Hannah is supposed to go back to England Will their love stand a chance?


5. Pep Rally!!!!!

Let's Go Panthers!!!!!!!!! the cheerleaders chanted

Hey Lyndy Hannah yelled running over to her

Hey gurly Lyndy said while giving her a hug

Hey we have a surprise for you ok Lyndy added

ok what is it Hannah responded

you will have to wait and see come on she replied

Lyndy dragged Hannah to the graduation rock (the rock with the graduating classes year on it) the place where Charles always hug out

Look Hannah uncover your eyes Lyndy said

Charles? Hannah said with a questioning tone

Hannah? Charles said I thought you went back to England he added

I was going to but then my dad got transferred here and well here I am she replied

Hey Charles is this the girl you got it on with this summer Angelo said obnoxiously

What we got it on this summer? Fuck you Charles Fuck you Hannah yelled to Charles with a whimpering tone and tears rolling down her cheeks

God dammit Angelo you couldn't have kept your mouth shut I love her Angelo And she loved me but not anymore HANNAHHHH Charles yelled running in the direction Hannah had run in

Now it was just Lyndy and Angelo and they liked each other and they were really awkward around each other Angelo tried to grab her hand but she looked down and he jolted it back



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