The Step-Sister of Zayn Malik

A 15 year old gurl named Lucy
discovering that she has a step brother named Zayn Malik from One Direction... But there's a secret about Zayn's best mate Harry who always seem to be different...


3. School Time...

(Lucy's p.o.v)

Me and my friend Faith was about to throw another snowball but I ran and slipped (oops). Damn it.... When I was about to get up my other best friends, Sofia and Reina helped me up. Thank The Lord.

Today felt different in a sorta good way but I don't get why...

Before I went to school I got a text from Harry and I was surprised he texted me. He said hi and before I said hi he texted I need to talk to you and give something to you. It kinda scared me because Harry freaking Styles wants to talk to me, it gave me a weird feeling but it was cool.

(Harry's p.o.v)

I can't believe I texted Lucy I hope I didn't make it awkward and surprising for her. Here's the thing I really like Lucy and I felt dumb for thinking that because I just seen a pic of her and she looked she beautiful and happy... GOD DAMN HARRY EDWARD STYLES STOP IT YOU'RE GONNA MEET HER YESH.

(Zayn's p.o.v)

Can't wait to meet Lucy, all the guys are excited and I'm happy they're excited to meet her. I hope she excited to meet us.. Well of course she is but I wonder what she will say or react. Wish me luck

(Lucy's p.o.v)

Wow school went by so quick and I'm praise to The Lord I have only one subject of homework..!!! And now it's the time to meet my step brother wish me luck... I'm super nervous i can't believe a ordinary girl is related (sorta) to the Zayn Malik Lord Jesus.

As I walked into main office to meet Zayn and the guys... They all rushed in and hugged me tight I laughed and smiled. They let go and Zayn said hi along with Louis and Harry...

Z: Zayn L:Louis H: Harry M: Lucy

Z: Hey Lucy it's really great to meet you (he smiled)

H: (he rushed in and blurted out saying) Hii I'm Harry (he smirked)

M: (I laughed and said) Hey and ik who all of you are of course!!! (I smiled cheekily)

L: Hey Lucy!!! Nice to meet you sorry about Harry he can be such a flirty bum at times and I heard you have a little talent in fútbol?

M: Yup I do but my main is MMA and hahaha really? I can sorta tell already (I turned to Harry and smiled sweetly)

H: (God Lucy looked she beautiful and quite the humor her laugh though so cute and I think she just tried to flirt with me oh shit) Um uh you do MMA and soccer wow your athletic

M: Yup I love to play sports it's life

L: That's what I called a sporty (he smiled)

(No one's p.o.v)

We all smile and continued talking in the car and driver to Zayn's house. Everyone seem fine and had a good time but later on Harry seem a little nervous because he told Lucy in hear ear that they need to talk privately and his special gift

(Harry's p.o.v)

I don't know I should tell Lucy my feelings about her... No I shouldn't it's too soon I should tell her that it's nice meeting her and give her gift... I'm so scared and nervous. And when I tell Lucy that I like her I hope she likes me back...

(Lucy's p.o.v)

I think we're near Zayn's house and I think I'm gonna have fun living with the guys....I'm a little nervous sitting with Harry. I have a little thing for Harry and when I looked at him he looked serious but when he stared at me he look happy and smiled to me. I wonder what's going on mind right now and I wonder what he wants to talk about...

Thanks for reading my book and plz tell me what you think? Thanks :)

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