The Step-Sister of Zayn Malik

A 15 year old gurl named Lucy
discovering that she has a step brother named Zayn Malik from One Direction... But there's a secret about Zayn's best mate Harry who always seem to be different...


5. Kick Ass 2 (the movie duh lol)

(No One's p.o.v)

Everyone was watching the movie and they liked it except for Lucy for the moment when she got a text from one of her best friends, Jordan.

*Text Message*

Hey Lucy what's up? Karate was cool at Friday

(Lucy's p.o.v)

I got a text message from him... He's my one of my best friends I mean but he sorta broke my heart when he told me he liked me but when I was to tell him I did the same he said he got to go... The next day when I texted him he told me he has a gf I was so sad and devastated he was my best friend. And he told me he like me and broke my heart and to top it all off he stopped texting me and every time I tried he would read the message and ignored it...

I frowned and went to the bathroom I didn't want to make my emotions noticeable my eyes always show my emotion especially when I'm sad... I locked the bathroom and quietly cried I was sad and angry and want to hit something instead I got my blade and start to cut myself I did my first two cuts until someone knocked on the door it and I heard it was Harry... Shit... I quickly clean the blade flushed it on the toilet and washed the blood and put a band aid it was sorta big but good thing my bracelets make it look unnoticeable...

(Harry's p.o.v)

I saw Lucy looked at the message on her phone and turned it off and later she went to the bathroom I followed and knocked on the door and said it's me Harry... Lucy opened the door and said yes Harry? I told her what's wrong she said nothing I know there's something wrong so I went into the bathroom and closed it locked it. I went serious and asked again what's wrong...

Lucy started to cry but quietly and told everything about her friend.. God damn he such a jerk I'm so happy I'm with her and met her. I will anything for Lucy to make her forget and that memory and make her happy again whatever it takes. I kissed Lucy's forehead and said everything will be okay I will make her happy again and kissed her again.

She smiled. Good I'm happy she's okay now until I saw a bandaid on her wrist... No no no she doesn't do that...does she?

(Lucy's p.o.v)

I'm happy Harry is comforting me I love him so much and I know everything seems to be going fast so I think I should let him know I cut...

I showed Harry on my wrist and I started to cry again but told him that I promised to not cut anymore he said that's my strong girl

I smiled and kissed his cheek I quickly clean my tears and checked if I'm ok and head out with Harry and went back to the movie

(Louis' p.o.v)

Lucy looks happy and sad about something I will talk to her later with Harry...

(Niall's p.o.v)

Wow Lucy reminds me of Zayn sometimes I better talk to her sometime I want her to be great friends with me and the guys... I think I should let introduce her to the 5 seconds of summer mates maybe Ashton or Calum...

I just noticed it was really quite so I screamed...


Everyone laughed even me wow

(Lucy's p.o.v)

I told Niall there's no Nandos here and I decided to make a little surprised to him

L: Niall what's Nandos?

N: WHAT?!?! You don't know what's Nandos!!!!

I burst out laughing I told Niall I knew what it is but never or ever tried the food there...

(No One's p.o.v)

Everyone was quiet until Louis asked Lucy you never went to Nandos and she said nope

Liam said when we come back to London you're coming with us and gonna eat at Nandos with us

Lucy laughed and Harry was happy she was herself again

Harry whispered to Lucy's ear saying...

Please my story and tell me what you think plz? :)

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