The Step-Sister of Zayn Malik

A 15 year old gurl named Lucy
discovering that she has a step brother named Zayn Malik from One Direction... But there's a secret about Zayn's best mate Harry who always seem to be different...


2. Getting ready for the trip

Chapter 2

(Zayn p.o.v)

The mates and I were just hanging and getting things packed to spent four months in Connecticut. Can't believe I'm meeting Lucy I wonder what she loves to do or do for fun... But the real thing I want to know is.. What the hell Harry is carrying in his bag. It's like he has presents? What the? I better ask why he has this...

(Harry's p.o.v)

Man these presents are great for Lucy I hope no notices it while I'm going to my room... I felt a tap, I turn it was Zayn I think I'm in trouble shit....

Harry: H Zayn: Z

H: Hey Zayn is something wrong? (Trying to play it cool)

Z: Mate whatcha have there in your bag?

H: (Shit I'm dead) oh..umm.. It's some presents for Gemma for Christmas.

Z: Oh okay just wondering

(Harry's p.o.v)

THANK YOU he bought it ok gotta hide these presents before anyone else sees it.

*The Next Day*

(Lucy's p.o.v)

Well today's the day I gonna meet my brother well it's later on but still, I'm nervous and quite excited. I'm so nervous I have these questions that keep repeating in my head.... What if think in weird? What if they don't like me? What if my brother.... What if? If? GOSH LUCY pull it together.

(Zayn's p.o.v)

Man I can't believe I'm in America again.. It's nice here even though it's cold (obvi but love it lol) it's still nice and beautiful with the snow.

(No One's p.o.v)

All of the boys head to their house, unpacked everything and Zayn had a surprise for Lucy's room.... Zayn knew she was artistic and a little sporty bad girl edge type so he decorated it... Louis, Niall and Harry decided to go to any parks and played some fútbol. When Zayn was done decorating and Liam headed to go look around the town of Stamford..

(Lucy's p.o.v)

Finally arrived of school...another day in hell damn I'm tired until my friend Faith threw a snowball at me.... OH THATS it's snowball time girl! I threw the snowball rite on her stomach oops...

Hey seen the comments thanks hope you like this chapter :)

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