Forever Loved

Mary comes from a wealthy family. Although her family tried to spoil her with anything she wanted, or wen glanced at, she'd donate everything to Goodwill. Her family and her haven't had contact since she decided she didn't want to be what her father wanted her to be, a lawyer. Instead she wanted to be an artist.

Harry is nineteen years old, and doesn't have anybody but his mother. He was the sweetest little boy growing up. Up until the age of fourteen is when he turned to tattoos, boxing, and hatred for any man who comes close to his mother. Only because his father, well he wasn't a good man.

Mary and Harry meet at Harry's tattoo parlor. What will happen?


1. Chapter: 1

Harry's POV

It was a Monday morning, and here I was, sitting in my usual seat, doodling a drawing I thought would look cool on my forearm. I hear the bells on the door jingle, and look up. There was a beautiful girl standing there. Her long blonde hair falling down her back. She had pale skin. She was wearing a white tank top, and bleached high waisted shorts. She had a bandana on her head, wrapping the back of her head and tying at the top. She removed her sunglasses, and that's when I noticed her bright blue eyes. She walks up to my counter, and smiled at me. I smiled back.

"How can I help you?" I ask. She leans over my desk, showing off more cleavage. I tried so hard not to look at her boobs, but failed miserably.

"I want to get a tattoo. I want like a butterfly on my back with my moms name." She explained. I nodded, and stood up. I had a tattoo in a book that would probably match what she'd like. I open the book, and point at the picture.

"Something like that? Because I actually have a sketch of it ready." Her face lit up, and she nodded furiously. I chuckled, and pointed to the room she'd wait for me in.

"I'll be in there in a bit, so just go ahead and get Ina position you'd feel comfortable in when I put the tattoo." She nodded, and walked away. I watched as her hips swayed. She had a really nice ass. I get all my supplies ready, and head into the room. I don't pay attention to what she's doing, but I set up all the ink and needles. I put on my gloves, and test the needle. I turn around, and I feel my eyes go wide. Plus my member twitch a little. There she laid, no shirt, no bra. Her hand covering her breasts. She was going to get it on her upper part of the ribcage.

"Alright, this might hurt, so I'm warning you." She just laughs, and closes her eyes.

I start to put the oil on her back for the sketch, and put the picture on her back. I remove the paper when I know it's ready, and start the needle.


After about three hours of talking, and applying ink onto her skin, I was done.

"Alright, you're done!" I say, excitedly. She jumps a little bit, and smiles widely. I take her hand that isn't covering her breast, and help her up. She walks over to the mirror, and examines the ink.

"It's beautiful." She whispers. I can see her eyes tearing up, and wonder what it means to her. She turns around, and wraps both her arms around my neck, and hugging me tightly. I was happy to hug back, because well, she was topless and this was a thin shirt.

"Oh my god, thank you."

"No problem." She unwraps one hand from my neck, and covers herself again. She apologizes, and backs away. She wipes her face, and smiles.

"Okay, we'll I'm going to wrap it, so it doesn't get ruined or irritated. You can put your bra back on, if you want." I say, turning around to get the wrap. I hear her shuffling, and then her sitting back down on the bed. I turn back around, and drop the wrap, feeling my eyes go wide.

"What's wrong?" She asked seductively. She was still topless, and now only in underwear.

"What are you doing?" I ask, still checking her out. She stands, and walks over, putting her fingers on the loops of my jeans.

"We're going to have a little fun." She whispered in my ear, nibbling on my earlobe.

"I'm okay with that." I say, picking her up and wrapping her legs around my waist.

"What are you doing?" She asks. I laugh, and lean in to kiss her.

"Dude! Are you okay?"

I snap out of it, and notice she had her bra on, and was sitting on the bed, with an amused smile, and a light chuckle escaping her lips. I now realize that was my imagination.

"Yeah, sorry." I bend down to pick up the wrap, and tape. I stand and put it on her. I finish, and step back.

"Good to go."

"Yes! Thanks again by the way." I smile, and lead her out of the room. I walk behind the counter, and tell her the price. She hands me the money,and a piece of paper and starts walking away. Before she walks completely out, she turns and smirks.

"Call me and take me out Ina. Date before hAving a little fun." She teases. I blush, and laugh. She turns around, but not before I whistle at her to get her attention. She looks over her shoulder, and smiles.

"What's your name?"

"Cadence." She says. "Yours?"

"Harry." She winks, and signals 'Call me'

I wave, and wink back at her.

That was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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