2. Holding You Tight



One thing I have learned through all that has happened is, people will come and go in your life, and whether they leave because of death or because you simply lose touch, when it comes to the person you love "Til death do us apart" is just an understatement, because death doesn't do you apart. The one you love will always be with you, whether they are dead or alive. And this goes for everyone you have ever loved and who has ever loved you. So, don't let the world fool you. Amazing things can happen when you have faith. -Harry

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A.A. Love


9. What I need

Emma's P.O.V.

I ran down the street and found a little trail that led into a bunch of trees. I built a fire and began my day of sitting there. It was 6a.m. and there was no way I was gonna go out there and have somebody pick me up when I'm naked.

I suddenly heard a car door slam shut and a person walking... Then it stopped. I heard a piece of metal being picked up. The footsteps began again.

"Em? Emma Hazel Crystal? Baby? Please be out here. Emma, Honey?" The person called.

It was a male voice. I recognized it, but I didn't dare move. The footsteps inched closer and closer until the found the trial. The man started to walk into the trees. I got up and began to run. He must've saw me because he began to run too. My legs got tired quickly and couldn't take it anymore. I fell to the ground and staid quiet.

"Em? Is that you?" The man said.

I jerked my head and saw a tall and stalking young man. Very well built. He had long, curly, dark brown hair. He had beautiful emerald green eyes and a cheeky smile. His body was covered in tattoos. It was Harry.

"Go away! Leave me the hell alone!" I yelled.

"What the hell happened?!" He said shocked.

"Leave! Just get out! I don't need you!"

"Em, don't you dare push me away! I'm sick of your games! You're either with me or you aren't! But either way, I'm still gonna care and I'm still gonna help. Just enough of the games. Now please let me help."

He took off his shirt and threw it to me, he then took off his bandana and inched closer to me. I backed away.

"Dammit, Em! Let me help! Please!"

I shook my head and narrowed my eyes. I looked like I was a jungle animal, as I was now.

"Em. Please. I beg of you. I just want you in my arms. I want to take care of you. Please."

Tears started to fill my eyes. I finally nodded my head and put on the shirt. I allowed Harry to step behind me and pull my hair into a messy bun. I looked into his beautiful green eyes as he helped me up. We stood there for a moment just looking at each other, then I grabbed him and pulled him into a tight, warm hug.

"I'm so sorry. I love you. I want to be with you forever. Live a life with you. Never let go of you. Be able to say your mine. Have children together. Kiss you whenever I want. I want to become Mrs. Styles and call you my husband." I said with tears streaming down my face.

Harry pulled away and looked at me. He began to cry too.

"I love you, Em." He pulled me back into a hug and kissed my head. "I will never let you go. Ever." He whispered.

He picked me up and began to walk to his car. Once we were in the car he took my arms and studied them.

"Those are healing up nicely." He said and smiled at me.

I smiled back and nodded my head. I was hoping he had forgotten he found me in the woods naked... But he didn't.

"So, mind explaining to me what's going on?" He said in a serious tone.

"Garret and I kissed and I don't know what happened from there. But when we woke up this morning our clothes were on the floor of the car and I was laying under a blanket with him. I got so mad at him and I ran out of the car and told him to leave... and he did." I said sinking into my seat.

"You kissed your brother?! Oh my bloody hell! Em! What the hell were you thinking?! You kissed your bloody brother?!"

"Harry, it was a mistake!!! He trapped me!"

"So this was rape?!"

"No, I was as much of a part of this as he was! Just please! It was a mistake!"

Everything went silent and Harry got out of the car. I didn't dare follow.

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