2. Holding You Tight



One thing I have learned through all that has happened is, people will come and go in your life, and whether they leave because of death or because you simply lose touch, when it comes to the person you love "Til death do us apart" is just an understatement, because death doesn't do you apart. The one you love will always be with you, whether they are dead or alive. And this goes for everyone you have ever loved and who has ever loved you. So, don't let the world fool you. Amazing things can happen when you have faith. -Harry

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10. Love is at loss

Harry's P.O.V.

I got out of the car and pulled the ring out of my pocket. I studied it for a moment and then shook my head. I threw it into the tress and searched for the bracelet I found in the road earlier. It was the one I gave Emma a while back. It was engraved with these words, "I love you. You are my everything. <3 xoxo -Haz"

I went to throw that in the trees as well, but I stopped myself and shoved it back into my pocket.

I got back in the car and Emma looked at me with hope in her eyes. I shook my head and said, "Get out."

"Harry, can we just talk about this, please!" Emma begged.

"Get out!" I said a little louder.

She sat back in the seat and crossed her arms.

"Emma! Get the hell out!" I yelled with cracks in my deep voice.

She finally got out and stood in front of my car staring me down. She then smiled a devilish smile and ripped off the shirt and bandana then walked over to my car window. She stood there until I finally rolled it down.

She threw the shirt and bandana in my car and said, "You have a good one." She then strutted off into the forest.

I couldn't believe it. There was no fear. No sadness. No happiness. No anger. Nothing was behind those beautiful brown eyes. I couldn't read her. There was nothing.

I leaned back in my seat and began to cry. I just lost my other half.

What the hell were you thinking Styles?! You just let go of your one and only.

Thoughts raced through my head that I couldn't control. I stepped out of my car once again and threw my head onto its hood. I've never experienced this kind of emotional pain before. I couldn't take it. I wiped the tears from my eyes and took a deep breath. I then looked both directions and stepped out into the middle of the road. I sat on the yellow lines looking north. I sat with my legs crossed Indian style, and I closed my eyes, put my hands on my knees and shut the world out.

Emma's P.O.V.

I never heard Harry's car drive off, but I didn't care. He knew he wasn't supposed to come after me. He knew he was in danger once in my sight.

I know I betrayed him. I know it was wrong. But it wasn't intentional! We had a few beers in us and a few shots of whiskey to celebrate Jonny's death. It was a drunken mistake.

Right then I felt everything come up. I was puking up everything I had in me. I hadn't eaten in two days so this couldn't be good.

After puking I got up and went to see if Harry was still there. Maybe he could spare a few crackers or something. When I began to walk I stepped on something. It was the ring. Then it really hit me. He was the one I wanted to be with. Tears began to fill my eyes and I look ahead. I started to run towards the road. When I got there I saw Harry in the middle of it and saw a car coming.

Right at the moment it felt as if everything was in slow motion. I was running towards him as the car kept on getting closer and closer. I knew I wasn't strong enough to get him out of the way, so I ran towards the car instead. I planted myself right in front of the car and was ready.

I counted... 1 1,000... 2 2,000... 3 3,000... 4 4,000...

Then, felt the car hit me. It made me weak in the legs and I went clear over the hood and fell to the ground.

Everything went black.

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