2. Holding You Tight



One thing I have learned through all that has happened is, people will come and go in your life, and whether they leave because of death or because you simply lose touch, when it comes to the person you love "Til death do us apart" is just an understatement, because death doesn't do you apart. The one you love will always be with you, whether they are dead or alive. And this goes for everyone you have ever loved and who has ever loved you. So, don't let the world fool you. Amazing things can happen when you have faith. -Harry

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13. Best wishes

Harry's POV

The nurses and surgeons were in there trying to save Emma as I waited out in the waiting room. I continued to have flashbacks of everything. It was unbearable. I couldn't imagine my life without her. I picked up a magazine to my left to try and get my mind off things. The front cover had my picture on it with a shadow and a question mark. I brushed my fingers through my hair. Of course... mystery girl and Harry Styes found at the hospital a month ago. All I want is for the media to stay out of this situation, it's nothing they need to know. I threw the magazine down and got up to go get some coffee, but a child, no older than ten walks up to me and tugs on my jacket. I look down at her with an annoyed expression, then I see her eyes, there are tears in them, and the young girl looked like she hadn't slept for days. Suddenly sadness filled me and I got on both my knees so she was a slight bit taller than me.

"Is she going to be okay?" The young girl asked me, as tears started to spill out of her eyes.

I hesitated to answer. I parted my lips to say something, but nothing came out. Instead I just threw my head down and shook it. The young girl walked up to me and gave me a hug. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight.

The young girl whispered in my ear, "I saw what happened. I was walking past her room to go get a CT scan and I saw everything. She was going to have a baby." I pulled back and looked at her. She gave me a soft smile then continued. "These doctors and nurses can do amazing things. They'll help her. I promise."

"What's your name?" I finally managed to get out.

"Jennifer River. I've been here since I was six and I am now nine. I have a very rare type of cancer that has no certain treatment to it. And one thing that I have learned since I've been here, is to have faith and never lose hope. Never give up. And even if things fail, there will always be some happiness that follows."

I smiled and nodded my head. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Jennifer. I'm Harry Styles."

She giggled and said, "I know who you are."

I smiled and hugged her one last time before the nurse took her back to her room.

I got up and went to go get my coffee and when I came back a nurse stopped me.

"She's still in surgery. Go home Harry. We'll give you a call when we have a result." The nurse said.

I went to go argue with her but she gave me a mean glare, so I just nodded my head and headed home.

I walked into the house and it felt so empty. There was no life. I threw my keys down on the table and went up to my room and fell asleep. I hadn't slept in months.


The next day I got a call from the nurse telling me that she's alive, but is only alive because of all the meds and machines. She told me the baby was doing great and that section of Emma was still running perfectly, it was just the blood and oxygen they were just worried about and had to watch around the clock. They told me once the baby is able to be c-sectioned out, then they'll take her off of everything and allow her to take her own course, unless I say otherwise. I accepted all of it. This was how it was going to be from now on and I had to accept it.


It's been a month since I got the call from the nurse.

I visited the hospital everyday to check on Emma and our baby girl, but I wasn't just there for Emma, I went to see Jennifer everyday. I met her family and they were very kind and strong people. I hung out with Jennifer for about an hour to four hours a day. We would sing, tell jokes, read books, play board games, and watch movies together. I even brought the boys along one day, and she was so excited and asked if they could all com back to see her again. They all agreed. We even opened an organization for her, and got a website up for her family, for donations. We donated ten thousand pounds and hoped that would help them pay for all the treatments and tests along with the other donations.

Three more months passed and my routine didn't change once. Then the day came. It had been seven months of pregnancy for Emma, and the baby was healthy and at a stable condition to be born. I walked in the room and sat next to Emma and grabbed her hand.

"Hello, Love. We're going to have a baby girl." I said with tears in my eyes. I continued, "I promise I will take good care of her and be a great father. Please watch over her and protect her and help guide me as a father. I love you so much. I will never ever forget you nor stop loving you. It's okay to let go after our baby girl is born and safe. Thank you for giving me a baby girl and all your love, it was the best gift I could've ever been given. I love you and will miss you." I kissed her on the forehead and walked out of the room with warm tears streaming down my face.

They took her in for surgery and began to perform the c-section. I went to see Jennifer while they performed the operation, and we played a board game. An hour had passed and a nurse walked in and smiled.

"Mr. Styles, would you like to see your baby girl?" The nurse asked me.

I looked at Jennifer, then at Dan and Jean, her parents, and they all smiled. I looked back at the nurse and nodded. She walked me to the infirmary. She walked in and picked up the most beautiful baby girl and walked out with the baby girl in her arms.

I put my arms out and the nurse set the baby girl gently in my arms. I cradled her in my arms and smiled. I could feel warm tears streaming down my face. She was absolutely beautiful.

"We'll need you to sign this paper, so she has a legal birth certificate." The nurse said handing me a paper.

I cradled her in one arm and signed the paper.

"Meadow Elizabeth Emma Styles." I mumbled to myself.

I wrote the name down and smiled. I put the name I promised I would, but added Emma, as she looked just like her and was as lovely as she was.

The nurse smiled and looked at the paper. "That's a beautiful name. Emma would be so pleased. You'll make a wonderful father, Harry. Come to the infirmary tomorrow and we're going to help you learn the ways of taking care of her as a single male parent. Meadow can go home at the end of this week if we see good results." She said.

I smiled and nodded, and handed Meadow back to her. I dropped by Jennifer's room to tell her and then left to go home. I called all the boys to let them know, and to tell them that Emma passed away a few minuets after the operation was done.

I went back the next day to take the course on being a single male parent and learning how to care for a baby without a loving mother. The session was a success and after it was over I went to see Jennifer. We watched Harry Potter and played a board game.

I then spent the rest of the week looking for cribs, bottles, clothes, and other baby essentials. I even got a bigger flat and the boys moved all my stuff in while I was at the hospital.

Time passed quickly and the day finally came. I got to take Meadow home. I got all the things the hospital gave me and cradled Meadow in my arms. I dropped by Jennifer's room on my way out and made sure it was okay with the nurse first, if I brought a baby in. She nodded and allowed Meadow and I to step in the room. When Jennifer saw Meadow her eyes lit up. I smiled and walked over to the side of Jennifer's bed and her parents joined me.

"Meadow, meet Jennifer." I said looking down at Meadow then at Jennifer.

Jennifer smiled and giggled.

"Would you like to hold her?" I asked.

Jennifer nodded and I placed Meadow down gently in her arms.

"She's beautiful. You are going to be an amazing father, Harry." Jennifer Said looking up at me smiling.

I smiled back and Jennifer passed Meadow back to me. I said goodbye and headed to my flat.

When I got there I opened the door and looked around. It was so nice to be in a bigger flat, and the boys got me new really nice looking furniture. I threw my keys down on the table next to the door and walked to Meadow's room, when I walked in all four boys were sitting there laughing and then they all turned their heads and looked at me. They smiled and all got up to come see Meadow. They spent the rest of the day with me and Meadow. After they left I put Meadow down in her crib to sleep. She looked so peaceful. I then walked right next door to my room and laid in my bed.

I felt peace and happiness come over me. I felt a faint touch on my hand and a head lying on my neck. It was Emma. I knew her spirit was present and it brought me peace and comfort. I quickly dozed off a few seconds later with Emma on my mind.

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