The One and Only

Laya and her friends go to a one direction concert. They were going to go home afterwards until Louis comes up to her and her friends and ask them if they would like to come and hang out at their place. What will happen??? Will any of them fall in love or will they be captured and scared for the rest of their lives???


12. ch.10





Sapphire pov


I told them why I was here and I could sense they were mind messaging. Then, this  guy walks over to me and picks my hands up and realizes he is my mate. Then the next thing is he smashed his lips in to mine and it felt like fireworks were going off in my stomach. He told me to come over and he wanted to get to know me better and I said ok. We kissed once more then we went our separate ways.


~ Pack House~


Ok, illyana and donte go tell everyone that I am holding a meeting tonight my house at 5 and to be there. Ok , they both said.


Louis pov


I woke up and was looking at my beautiful princess. She looked so peaceful. I can't believe we have to go back to the house today. Laya started to flutter her eyes open and realized I was looking at her. Morning my carrot boy she said. Morning my beautiful princess, I said. Do we have to go back to the house? she asked. I said, yes we have to go back and see how the boys are doing and make sure they did not burn down the house. Laya started giggling and said, Yes we definitely have to go and check on them. Ok, I am going to start packing then. Ok she said, and I will help you then and we should do this another time, it relieved a lot of stress and thank you for bringing me out here, Laya said. Your welcome , and yes we should do this another time and  it does relieve a lot of stress being away from everything. I love you, I said. I love you too, laya said and then she smashed her lips into mine and the kiss was more passionate then we have had before. We pulled apart and then got back to packing after we catched our breathe.



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