The One and Only

Laya and her friends go to a one direction concert. They were going to go home afterwards until Louis comes up to her and her friends and ask them if they would like to come and hang out at their place. What will happen??? Will any of them fall in love or will they be captured and scared for the rest of their lives???


13. ch. 11



 Sapphire pov


I called you all in for a meeting because I have some news. I found my mate, I said. Where and who is he Lyle said. His name is Zayn and he is a vampire. I figure I would tell you who he is before you met him, I stated. Do you mean Zayn Malik who killed your best friend?, Lyle asked. Uh, I'm not sure. I whispered. Ok , you all can dismiss now, said. I'm so confused now is it him or is it someone else? I think I will go and ask him myself when I see him tomorrow.




Zayn pov


Sapphire is coming over today and I think I might know who she is, but im not sure. I couldn't stop thinking about her all night. Where have I seen her before? Oh, I remember .








I was in the woods with the boys when a pack of wolves attacked us. I was helping Louis out and I got bit by one of them and once I figured out which wolf attacked me i decided to go after it. I ended up killing a girl and then once i had done that the wolves stopped fighting and then i see a female wolf going over to a girl and she had the same features as sapphire. The wolves then stayed as far away from us as possible.


End of flashback


Laya pov


We finally got back to the house and we said hi to everyone except Zayn, i wonder where he is. Then we decided to just hang out with everyone and watch movies until i smelt a werewolf on our property. Hey everyone their is a werewolf on our property, i told them. Kenze said, It's just zayn's mate, or girlfriend which ever one you want to call her.

What!!! He is dating a WEREWOLVE!!!, I shouted. Yes, everyone replied, but Louis who looked really shocked.


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