Twisted || Styles

It started like any other ordinary day with Harry Styles and his girlfriend Stacey. But little did he know that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his old friend John. Until one day he falls in love with an unexpected person...


12. The 'New' Girl

Sams' POV:

After Speaking to Liam, I went upstairs to Harry's room.

"Hey babe." I said while opening the door. "Hey wanna watch a movie?" "Sure what movie." "How about...The Notebook?" "Sure but give me a second I'm gonna call Kate." "Alright but hurry babe." I grabed my phone and went to sit on the chair next to the window.I noticed a moving van coming up the driveway next door. "Babe look." Harry came over and look outside. "We have neighbors!" "Yea thats cool I guess." I dialed Kate's number and kept looking outside. She picks up on the 2nd ring. "Um hello?" The girl moving in also seems to pick up her phone. "Hey Kate!" "Oh Hey Sam what's up?" "Nothing much I just wanted to see how you were doing." "Oh well actually I'm moving in to my new flat!" "No way there's this girl next door who's moving in." "Weird..unless that's me.You live in a flat?" "Uh actually yea." "Um why don't you come outside to see or not." "Harry I'm going outside." "Ok wait I'm coming with you." I walk downstairs and walk outside. I glance out and realise the new girl is Kate. "Kate do you see me." "Ummm wait yes I see you!" I start walking towards her. So does she. "Hey Kate I guess your my new neighbor!" "Yea I guess I am." "Well isn't this great!oh and by the way do you need help with the boxes?" "Oh well I do sorta need help." "Ok me and Harry will help you." "Ok then." After we were finished Harry went back home and I stayed at Kate's to help her unpack.

We caught up a lot.She told me why her parents divorced and how after she moved she moved 3 more times and a lot of other things. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Umm well at my recent school I had a boyfriend but umm..." "You guys broke up?" "Umm..." A tear fell from one of her eyes. "What happened?" "He d-died in a car accident." She said crying. "Aww Kate I'm so sorry." "It's o-okay." "Hey how about tommorow we go shopping?" "Yea sure." She said a little sad. "Ok well I'll text you the time and stuff." "Alright." "It's getting late I have to go but I'll see you tommorow." "Ok." We said our goodbyes and I left.

"I'm sorry we didn't have our movie night." "It's alright and its not that late we can still watch a movie." "Ok then I'll go make some popcorn."

As I was making the popcorn, I remember that I was going to tell Kate that Liam likes her but I forgot. As I went upstairs I had the brilliant idea of going to the mall with the boys. That way Kate can get to know Liam. "I'm back!" I said as I jumped onto Harry's bed. "Hello Love." "Harry you think you and the boys can come to the mall with me and Kate?" "Yea sure babe." "Thanks." I said while giving him a quick peck. I texted Liam telling him my 'plan' and he agreed to it.

Kate's POV:

I got ready and waited for Sams' text. She texted me and I headed out. "Hey Sam!" I say as soon as I see her. "Hey girlie you ready for today?" "Yup." I said poping the 'P'. "Kay then let's go." While we were inside the car Sam introduced me to the rest of the boys. Once we got to the mall we splited up, me and Sam went to some stores and the boys went somewhere else and we all agreed to meet at the food court at 4:30. "So what do you think of Liam?" Sam asked out of no where. "What? Why?" "Ya know, do you like him?" "Sam I barely know the guy." "Would you date him though? "Well he is pretty cute and he seems really nice." "He is, he really is nice." I checked my watch 4:15. "We should get going its 4:15." "Ok then let's go."

Food Court:

Liam's POV:

I really wanted to see Kate. I really couldn't wait.We were right next to the food court at this shoe store.Of course I kept whining for the boys to hurry up.

"Its 4:19 let's go!!!" I said while pulling on Zayn. "Hold on Liam we're right next to the food court." "Ughh" It felt like 4:30 would never come, but it finally did. "Babe!!" Said Sam as she ran up to Harry. "Hey babe!" Harry said while kissing Sam. "Get a room you two!" Said Kate and me at the same time. I looked at her and she looked at me.Our eyes interlocked, and then we laughed.Both of us laughed. When I saw her smile I automaticly knew I liked her.Her smile was perfect. "So let's get some food!!" Said Niall. "Oh yeah food." I said.


Kate's POV:

We all went to subway Me and Liam stayed back to save 2 tables for all of us.Liam started up a conversation. "Kate right?" "Yep Liam right?" "Yep." It was really arkward after that none of us talked until I broke the silence. "So you sing?" I said remembering what Sam told me."Yea a little." "That's pretty cool." After that we just talked about stuff. Once the gang came back and we all ate we headed home. Right before we droped Liam off he asked me a question. "Hey Kate you wanna go out tommorow?" "Umm yea sure." "Can I get your phone number?" Liam said while handing me his phone. "Yep." I typed in my number and handed him his phone back. "Thanks."

Sams' POV:

"Can we have a sleepover?" I asked Kate. "Yea sure!" "Ok then go pack and I'll see you at my house." "Alright."

"Harry Kate's sleeping over Kay?" "Yea sure ya'll sleeping in the guest room?" "Yup."

Kate's POV:

As I was getting ready I was thinking of Liam.And how much i like him and how much he wouldn't like me back. When I finish packing it was still early so I went to the bathroom. I cut myself. "This is for being Fat." "This is for being a slut." "This is for being ugly." "This is for being a bitch." "And this is for being me." After I cut myself 5 times on my thighs, I put my hair In a ponytail and headed over to Sams'.


Sams' POV:

After changing I went and prepared the room. The doorbell rung and I went downstairs to open the door. It was Kate. "Hey Kate! "Hey Sam!" "Come in hold on let me get the snacks for tonight." "You need help?" "Yea get the Sodas from the fridge."

"Kay" After that we went upstairs and started watching movies. I went to change into my t-shirt and pjama shorts that did reveal some of my cuts. "Me is back!" "Hello." Said Sam with a Mouth full of chips. "Anyways" "What's that?" Sam said while pointing to my cuts. "Oh nuffin." "You sure? Those cuts look pretty serious." "Yea I'm fine.

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