Twisted || Styles

It started like any other ordinary day with Harry Styles and his girlfriend Stacey. But little did he know that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his old friend John. Until one day he falls in love with an unexpected person...


6. Nobody Compares

A week later:

Harry's POV:

I knew Sam was still mad for literally kicking Jack's ass yesterday,so I decided to make it up to her.

I was thinking her of taking her somewhere so I decided to go to the park with her,yea I know it's really simple but I dunno I felt like that was the right place to go to.Of course I had to ask her so I called her,she picked up ok the third ring. "Harry?" "Hey Sam! I was wondering if you wanted to go to the park with me?"That probaly made me sound like a little kid.

"Sure!" she had said. "Ok babe what time?" " I dunno whenever your ready." " How about..." I looked at the clock; 12:37. "How's 3:45 sound?" "Great!" "Pick you up later babe." "Alright babe."

Sams' POV:

After the call I went to my room to pick out my clothes and take a shower.Since we were going to the park I chose to wear a pair of denim skinny jeans,a floral top,and my gold sperry's.I took a shower then changed after that I straighten my hair and put my grey beanie over it.

Harry's POV:

I jumped into the shower and then changed into some black skinny jeans,a grey V-neck t-shirt,and I just put on a beanie to hide my hair.

The Date:

Harry's POV:

We went for a walk around the little lake they had,and we just talk about random things.After the walk we went to hang around the park.We were just swinging on the swings since we were technially too big for the park.The entire time we just talked until we heard the ice cream truck. "ICE CREAM!!!! I squealed like a 4-year old along with the other little kids.Then I realize I wasn't being really romantic."I mean pshh Ice Cream's for babys." I said trying to cover up my squealing from earlier. "I like ice cream those that make me a baby?"Sam asked."Yes my baby." She giggled ,"I loved this kiddish side of you!" "I am not kiddish" I said while crossing my arms like a 6 year old and sticking my bottom lip out."Come on let's go get some Ice Cream" "YAY!!!" Sam said in a kiddish voice."Sam the kid's parents think your crazy" " So,I like Ice Cream as much as the next person does!" "C'mon jump on my back I,ll give you a piggyback ride." "You sure?" "Yea"She jumped on my back and we headed for the Ice Cream truck. "Can I get a chocalate Ice cream please." I asked."Babe what do you want?" "Chocalate Ice Cream please." I paid 'cause it was just 2 dollars.We went back to the swings Sam and I ate our Ice cream when out of nowhere she started laughing."What's so funny?" I asked confused."Nuffin" "Sam tell me." "Well maybe its the fact that you have a chocalate moustache."She burst out in laughter."That isn't very funny but this is." I shoved her ice cream on her face." "Styles your gonna wish you never did that..." "What?" "Your screwed." "Oh crap!" I started running Sam chase me throughout the entire park untill I got tired."Wait I...can't...breathe." ",where you put the napkins?" "Their in my pockets." "Harry?" "Yes Sam?" She kissed me,rubbing her chocalate covered face over my clean one. "Really?" "Yes really." "Hand me a napkin Harry please." "Here" I handed her a napkin."It's starting to get dark want to head home?" "Yea I,m really tired"She yawned "Me too" I yawned too.I was about to get up untill I realize Sam had fallen asleep on my shoulder.So I just took her to the car and layed her down on her seat.She looked so peaceful when she slept.I had decided she should stay at my place.So I took her back to my house.Once I was in,I layed her down on my bed. I changed and then layed on my bed and soon fell asleep.

The Next Morning:

Sam's POV:

I woke up to a strange place alone in a stranger's bed.Holy shit where am I? What happened last night?Oh yea I was with Harry,Where's harry anyway?

"Harry?" I called out scared. There was no answer.I was scared but I decided to go down stairs."Harry?" "In the kitchen babe" A wave of relief went over me. "Phew" "Harry?" I said sticking my head in the kitchen."Yes?" "Oh babe I was really scared,I thought I was kidnapped or something."I said as I wraped my arms around his waist. "Babe I would never let anyone hurt you." He's so sweet." "Want some breakfeast?" "Sure!" "The pancakes are on their ways!" He said in super hero voice. "Hahahahaha."He was too cute. I followed him to the dining room.I took a seat as Harry passed me a plate of pancakes. "Breakfeast is served!" "Sure looks good!" Trust me they're delicious,want some milk or orange juice?" "Orange juice,please." I said. "So did you sleep well last night?" He asked as he poured my juice. "Ye...wait did you do anything to me last night?"I gave him a glare as he handed me my juice."No babe I just layed you down in my bed." "Oh phew How come you didn't drop me of at home." I asked."I wanted to have a sleepover?" "Haha yea" We ate our breakfeast and talked at the same time. Harry's phone rang. "I'll get it!" Harry said. He picked up."Hello?" "What,who is this?" "What was that about?" I asked concerned. "Umm I guess a prankcall or something..." "Oh okay" Just that moment my phone rang."Hello?" "You guys are gonna pay for what you guys did to me." "Who is this?" The call ended."Who was it?"Harry asked."I dunno prankcall too I guess. "Yea probs."

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