Twisted || Styles

It started like any other ordinary day with Harry Styles and his girlfriend Stacey. But little did he know that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his old friend John. Until one day he falls in love with an unexpected person...


19. Back together

Kate's' POV:

"Good". "Now Harry go, tell her how you feel, and how you never want to lose her."

I said. Harry headed to his car and started it. I headed back to my car to head home. "Oh By the way she's at my place!" I said.

~Liam's and Kate's place~

Harry's POV:

I knocked on the door and Liam answered. "Hey Harry! I'm glad to see you back!"He greeted me. "Hey Liam is um Sam here?" "Yeah she's upstairs." "Okay" I said as I went upstairs.

Sams' POV:

I had been at Kate's place trying to forget about Harry. She said we would go to the mall tommorow to lighten me up. I was thinking of what to wear when I heard a knock on the door. "Sam? It's me Harry we need to talk" he said through the door. "Really? Again so you can just shut another door in my face? I don't think so!" I replied. "Baby Please." "Harry don't even bother." I then heard him slide down the door.

After 30 minutes I figured Harry would have been gone so I opened the door only to find harry still there. "Sam please! Listen to me!" I was thinking about what to do. "Okay" Harry told me all these things and how much he loved me and how he wanted me back and convinced me to be his girlfriend again.

Kate then walked up the stairs with Liam and asked; "So you guys back together?". "Yea we are" Harry said. "Aww yay okay so everything's back to normal?" "Yup" I said really happily.

Kate's POV:

"You ready????" I asked Sam. "Almost done! I just need to grab my purse and then we can leave" She said as she exited the bathroom. "Okay then let's goooooooo" I said.

~At the mall~

"So you guys wanna seperate and we'll meet here at 3ish?" Said Sam. "Sure said the guys. "Okay so be back here at 3" "Okay so then let's gooooooo Sam!" I said to her. "Okay okay"

"Why don't we go to Target?" I asked. "If you want to" "Kay then let's goooooo" I said being very very annoying.

We were in the ladies section of target when we heard people talking behind us. "Oh my god Look at how fat she is. God she's fat as hell." We heard. I signaled Sam to see if she heard it. They weren't talking about us though, they were talking about the one of the girls in front of us. "Yea she's so fat who even fucking likes her like ewww."Said the one of the girls behind us. "Hey why don't you knock it off?" Said an unfamiliar voice. "Why should we?" "'Cause its mean!" She responded. "Well we don't care and this isn't any of your business so just step your skinny flat ass outside." "You can call me whatever you want but you need to stop teasing HER!" Referring to the girl who was being teased. "Yea you guys need to knock it off seriously." I said joining in. Sam noticed what I did and joined in too. "Yea you need to stop before WE make you."Sam said. "Oh please your skinny white asses can't do anything" Responded one of the girls. "What the fuck did you call me? Listen you hoe before I do something you better calm yo ass down and shut the fuck up!" "Skinny bitches think they can do shit" She said. Sam had left to comfort the teased girl. So it was only me and the other girl. "Kay bye you whore is going to hell!" I said before I slapped her. "You can't do shit to me with your weak ass slaps!" I started fighting with her and The girl had to seperate us along with some target sercuity. "I'm sorry mam but both of you are going to have to leave the store" Said one of the securities. "It was her fault! She fucking started it! I wasn't doing anything!"Said the other girl. "Bitch no you fucking started it! What the fuck are you saying you dumb bitch!" "Take this outside ladies." Said the security and pushed us out. As the other girl didn't do any harm she still came out of target not by force, but by choice. "It was nice of you to stand up for her like that" I said to her. "Thanks I hate seeing people being treated like shit and by the way my name is Lucy." "I know right I just hate it and I'm Katie but you can call me Kate." I said. "Well nice to meet you Kate." She said. "So you wanna go to the foodcour-" My phone started ringing. "Shit! Sam I forgot about her." "Sam? Yea Yea I know. It's not my fault. whatever but I'm up front with Lucy! Yea Lucy you don't know her but you'll meet her so meet us at the food court the guys are waiting already I think" I said as I looked at the time. I hunged up and Lucy asked. "The guys?" "Oh it's The gang, it's my boyfriend Sams' boyfriend, This guy name Zayn, This guy named Niall and this other one named Louis, except he's not here today, he couldn't come. But either way you'll meet them so let's go!"

~At foodcourt~

"Heys guys! We're back and I brought a friend along!" I said. "Hiiii" She said. I saw an immediate connection with Niall and Lucy as they kept staring at each other.

"So I have to go but give me your number so we can stay in touch"I said to Lucy. "Sure" She said as she wrote it on a piece of paper. "Oh! And umm Lucy? Do you maybe wanna go on a date?" Asked Niall. "Oh sure! That'd be great" She said. "Ha I knew it!" Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. "Ummmm..."

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