Twisted || Styles

It started like any other ordinary day with Harry Styles and his girlfriend Stacey. But little did he know that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his old friend John. Until one day he falls in love with an unexpected person...


10. A promise is a promise

Harry's POV:

We been here for 2 weeks. We had to get out of here."Sam?" No response. "Sam?" I said a bit louder. "Harry?" She ask confused. "Babe, are you alright?" "Yea I guess." "We're going to get out of here." "What?" She said confused. "You heard me right, we're escaping this hell hole" "Okay but how?" I went on and told her the plan.

"So next time Jack comes I'll be ready." Just then "Click" went one of the locks of our door. "It's him, get ready. "SAM GET UP, I..." 'BOOM' Jack is on the floor."Harry are you okay?" "Yea let's go." I said heading out of the door. "What about Stacey?" Sam said."Trust me she won't do anything. "You sure about that?" A voice from behind said frightning me and Sam.

We turned around.Stacey with a gun in her hands.

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