Letters of Heartbreak (Harry Styles)

Lina was an average teenager. It was her last year of high school. But what happens when all of a sudden she starts righting letters to her hero Harry Styles. Lina life may be changed in the best and worst ways possible.


5. Chapter 4

Harry's POV

A week later Harry got Lina's letter. Before Harry could grab it Niall grabbed it before him.

"Niall that's um... private information."

"Harry if you want the letter your gonna have yo come and catch me." Harry started chasing Niall but he went into his room and locked the door.

"Niall please don't read that letter this girl Lina is asking me for advice. Please don't read that letter!" Harry yelled. He put his ear to the door and heard nothing. A couple minutes later NIall opened the door with tears pouring from his eyes.

"No girl deserves this. She seems like she really needs a friends." Niall managed to say through his tears.

"Well Niall can I have the letter so I can understand what you're talking about?"

Niall gave Harry the letter while his sobs got even worse. Harry started reading the letter by the time he finished reading the letter he was also crying. Now Niall and Harry were both crying on the floor.

"Don't tell anyone about this letter thing. I don't think Lina wants everyone knowing about this." Harry managed to say while still crying. All Niall could do was nod and Harry and Niall sat on the floor and cried.

A little while later Liam walked in and saw Harry and Niall crying on the floor.

"Um are you guys ok?" asked Liam.

"Ya we're fine but I think I'm gonna go to my room." Said Harry wiping his tears away and walking away.

"Ya I'm fine to but I think I'm gonna go take a nap." Niall said also wiping his tears away and walking away. Liam just stood there confused at what just happened.

Harry walked to his room with the letter in his pocket. Every once and a while he would think of the letter and a tear would roll down his cheek. He sat down at his desk and started writing a letter back.

Dear Lina,

Please don't cut yourself. You sound like a really nice person who doesn't deserve this. And don't listen to those people who call you names. And please don;t commit suicide. We haven't talked to each other long and I know that but if you want to talk more often here's my cellphone number it's ***-***-****. Just in case you need someone to talk at that moment and can't wait like a week to get an answer back.

From Harry

Harry hoped Lina would call or text him back so they could talk more. Because Harry may have some secret feelings for Lina.    

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