Letters of Heartbreak (Harry Styles)

Lina was an average teenager. It was her last year of high school. But what happens when all of a sudden she starts righting letters to her hero Harry Styles. Lina life may be changed in the best and worst ways possible.


3. Chapter 2

Harry's POV

Meanwhile over sea's One Direction was getting their fan mail.

"Harry you got some fan mail over here."

"What else is new Lou I get fan mail all the time." Harry yelled from down the hall.

"Ya but but this one wants your advice."

"So you've been reading my fan mail?" After Harry said that Louis didn't say anything after that.

Harry took the letter and disappeared into the hallway. As Harry walked walked into his room  he started to read the letter. As he read the letter he started to tear up a bit and feel bad for her. He then took a pen and some paper and started to write a letter back.

Dear Lina,

Yes I would like for you to write to me. I've never really have given out advice. So I would love to write back and forth. Also I can tell you need someone to talk to. Because there are some tear stains on the paper. So it kinda lets me know this was really hard for you to write.

From Harry

Harry hoped this letter meant something to Lina. He even hoped even more that it will change Lina's point of view on life. And make her think of things in a more positive way. And not so negative.

Authors Note

Sorry of the chapters aren't very long. I have all this story written into a notebook. So ya. I promise you thought as the story goes on the chapters get longer so ya. But I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far.

~rowanpayne147 :P

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