Letters of Heartbreak (Harry Styles)

Lina was an average teenager. It was her last year of high school. But what happens when all of a sudden she starts righting letters to her hero Harry Styles. Lina life may be changed in the best and worst ways possible.


2. Chapter 1

Harry's POV

"Hey guys since we have a day off I'm gonna go out. I'll be back in a couple hours." Harry said with his mind not really paying attention to the other guys.

"Ok. Have fun." The rest of the guys said while playing video games.

Harry got into the car and started thinking of what happened only months before...


~4 Months Earlier~

Lina's POV

"Claire thanks foe the address I can't wait to use it. I have a couple ideas for a letter right now." Lina said.

"Don't worry to much about what to write. I think I may go and right one right now. Talk to you later!" Claire said running rushing home quickly to start her letter.

As Lina walked home she was thinking about who to write this letter to. She rushed in the door almost forgetting to say hi to her dad who was sitting on the couch. Lina said hi and ran into her room. Lina then wrote her letter and this is what she wrote:

Dear Harry'

Well umm you don't know me but I'm a really big fan of your guys music. But I have problems and I sometimes don't like talking to friends or family and I would just like to know if I could talk to you about it? If you don't want to that's ok but just write back with a yes or no answer please.

                                                 From Lina

As Lina sent this letter she knew all her hopes and dreams went with it. For her this was the most nervous letter she had ever sent. Only because she had never written a fan letter and she had never sent a letter to such a famous person.



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