The Dare

In this story you will meet Olivia, Ava, Jimmy, Jason. They are all in middle school, and bestfrinds. Olivia is shy and Ava is outgoing. Jimmy can be selfish and thinks he's fearless , Jason is cool and collected but you don't want to get on his bad side. When you read this you will find out why it's called the dare and how peer peer pressure can go wrong.


1. Doorways to hell.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock. That's all that was going on in Olivia’s head. A girl that is so nervous about what’s going to happen next. She’s just sitting there with her finger twirling around in her short black hair. As anticipating on when the bell was going to ring. But, No she doesn’t want the school bell to ring.

     Sitting Mr. Wallace’s class silently tapping her pencil as the whole class goes quiet and her heart pounds faster and faster as if it was going to explode! Then suddenly that loud ring sound of the bell waking her from the trance. Then the whole class gets up and starts running for the door, while Mr. Wallace is yelling at everyone to leave in an orderly fashion. But, of course no one would listen, it is middle school.

     Olivia leaves the room trying not to get pushed with millions of thoughts running through her head. She arrives at the door leading to the outside, which to her feels like the doorways to hell. Knowing when she meets up with her friends Ava, Jason, and Jimmy she would have to do her DARE!!!


I know its short but its just the beginning. Follow me on Instagram Cut3_Giraff3

Love Y'all <3 


Whats the dare?

What was she afraid of?


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