Jordan wants to commit suicide because of her mothers death. She meets two boys that understand her. But Jordan's BFF Raven is jealous of her! What will happen to Jordan? What will Raven do?
( the cover picture is of the character Jordan. She has tattoos �� )


4. The game is starting

~~🏀🍟✌️#SWAG ✌️🍟🏀

Harry's POV

I see Jordan's cheeks flush and I cant help but snicker. "I will be there along with Niall and Liam of course." she nods and keeps walking. "So you are set on going?" she asks me with a nervous and shaky voice. "Yup and you can change my mind, unless you aren't any good. then I wont come." she sighs and keeps going but curses under her breath. I hope they win, really badly.

Jordan's POV

"S***" is only ONE of the words I used to curse my self out for even mentioning the game. while I am looking at the ground I spot my fellow team mate, Nikk. she has bright red hair and beautiful green eyes. she may look innocent but she can play basket ball. "Hey Nikk." she winks at me when she sees Harry and I glare at her. When she walks up I whisper in her ear "Play nice I'm with Nialler" she smirks at the use of his nickname. "Fine, fine" she says still smirking. "What brings you out Nikk?" i ask. "Who is she?" Harry asks raking his eyes up and down Nikk's body. She puts her hand on her hip and glares at me. "I forgot how much of a perv you told me he was."

Nikk's POV

i wanna slap him so bad and the reason is i have a boyfriend, Andy Biersack. And Harry does not, and will not compare. to change the subjet i ask Jordan a question. "J you got a new tat?" i look at her bicep, which happens to be pretty big. she has "23" and "Michael Jordan" tattooed on her arm. "Yup i did it because i want to play forever." she smiles and sits down on a bench nearby. i sit next to her and the Harry rudely squeezes between us. "You came with me remember?" he looks at her. "I know, i can't help Nikk is cooler then you." I pull out my phone and it reads 4:30. "Oh s*** we are gonna be late Jordan it's 4:30 we need to go." i grab my bag and she grabs hers, "Are you coming? Haz- i mean Harry?" Jordan's cheeks flush but she quickly recovers and continues walking. i turn around to him and mouth the words "She loves you so flipping much" while pointing to her. He smiles and nods as if to say "tell me something i don't know"

Jordan's POV

i run to the stadium and then to the locker rooms as fast as i can, i need to get away from Harry. When i reach my locker i quickly change, putting on my basketball jersey and 2013 hyperdunks, grab a basket ball and go practice. When i run out i am stunned by who i see...

it is Liam, Niall and Louis. "Why are ya'll here?" "Harry texted us to meet you here for you're game." I mentally slapping myself for telling Harry. anyway I walk over to Niall and give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Louis' mouth forms an 'O' shape and Liam is smirking.

Harry's POV

I walk in to see Jordan kissing Niall on the cheek. I thought she was single? I am so beyond P***** right now like seriously. I look at the clock and the game is about to start in 20 minutes. "Guys lets go to our seats." I practically drag everyone to their seats.


(Skips to the end of the game)

Jordan's POV

the score is 80-78 with a minute left and I am at the free throw line. Some chic decided to elbow me in the ribs knocking the wind out of me for a brief 30 seconds. I take a deep breath, and shoot. I missed! I breathe again as I get the ball. I shoot this time and make it! :)

(Who watched the New York Knicks v.s. Miami Heat game? if you didn't, Heat won 106-91 :)x )

they get the ball and run down for a lay-up. But- I smack it down and Nikk gets it. she runs down and passes it to me and I dunk like Michael Jordan. tongue out and even posture. The whole crowd jumps up cheering. score is now 83-78 The other team passes it in and tosses it down to a player who is set outside the arch in downtown, and they make it. score 83-81 with 30 seconds. I get the ball and when I set up BOOM! I get knocked over and my whole right leg hurts. I got crushed and my whole body hurts. I get taken out on the bench for examining.  I have a bruise on my right shin and my head hurts from impact. but I go to shoot my foul shots. I miss both and I'm feeling dizzy. Coach calls a timeout and we agree to switch Blaire in for me. we get the ball any way and I yell to Nikk to pass it to jade. Jade is shorter than me she is 5'11 and I'm 6'1 and 1/2. I am taller than everyone I know. any way jade gets the ball and shoots a 3, it's all net! 86-81 with 5 seconds. The other team gets the ball in and then just chunks it, praying they miss. THEY MISSED THE BUZZER BEATER! WE WON! I attempt to jump up but my whole right leg gives, and I fall to the ground. Nikk and Jade pick me up and walk me to the locker rooms.

Niall's POV

I watch as Jordan get's carried into the locker room limping. I get up and run to meet her outside in the hallway. When she comes out she is limping and the two girls that were with here aren't there. "Hey babe." she smiles. "I know your in pain i'll help you." I walk to her and support her right side letting her lean on me. she is very intimidating, 6'1 and 1/2 compared to me 5'10 (I made him taller than he is okay?!)


(I will post more tomorrow :)xx )

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