Jordan wants to commit suicide because of her mothers death. She meets two boys that understand her. But Jordan's BFF Raven is jealous of her! What will happen to Jordan? What will Raven do?
( the cover picture is of the character Jordan. She has tattoos �� )


1. suicide

Jordan's POV


I hold the blade to my arm as i battle back and forth in my head. "my arm is already scarred enough but i need this for relief!" I yell. Good thing i am alone at home, i sigh and slowly put the blade to my arm and slice my mums name into it. Her name was Christina , she died about a year ago. and soon before she passed my da left her, so I live with my brother. I have been cutting my self ever since. I scream in pain as i wipe my arm with alcohol to cleanse it.


Raven's POV


I know Jordan cuts herself, and i have tried to stop her. Nothing works! I don't wanna lose my bff! I need her. I am already not the nicest, i am beautiful i know. "But i am just mean! I wish i could change but- but- its just hard! My parents split up when I was 4,and I as left with the abusive parent! my brother was with my mother, a sweet harmless human being. But I was left with my demon of a father!" I half way yell to my boyfriend on the phone. His name is Christopher.


Jordan's POV


I finish cleaning my arm and put on a 2XL sweater to cover my arms, but yet still look fashionable. I put on some skinny jeans and my brothers hyper dunk basketball shoes (I actually own some) and I apply very light make up. Then I straighten my hair and put my snap back on backwards. "Jordan?!" I hear my brother yell. Great he is home! "I'm coming!" I groan and grabs my crap I need for school. Then I walk downstairs and see my brother with a set of keys. "You're driving dummy I don't need the keys." he smirks and tosses me the keys, God he is annoying. "Nope, you have a car now, I went out this morning and got you the black mustang you wanted." I jump up and down. "And speaking of... why are you wearing my shoes?" he points at my feet. "Because I can!" I run out to see my car, I hop in and drive to school. Then I think for a second, why is he being so nice to me all of a sudden? I mean no mean names this morning?. I sigh, maybe he is happy or something.


Daniel's POV


My sister looked unhappy, until i gave her the car. The reqson she got it was dad saw her school on the news and decided she could have a car. It was the 'perfect time to come back into our lives. Anyway i plop down on the couch, i graduated college already. Jordan graduates in 3 years. Her BF recently left her, his name was Josh. I know who she has a crush on and it will never happen.


Jordan's POV


I get to school and i walk in the doors, the hallways are crowded but i see a curly haired boy facing his back towards me. Then i see a girl pull him around and she is snogging his face off. But then i realize it is Raven. "I loved him first..." I whisper to my self as i walk away tears streaming down my face. I start to run, but i bump into some one along the way "whats wrong Jordan?" I recognize that voice anywhere. "Nothing Niall" he looks at me like 'seriously? I have known you long enough to know some things wrong'. "Alright fine i'll tell you but can we go to our dorm?" He nods and we walk to our dorm. We sit down and then he speaks "so what is it?" He says worried. "I saw Harry and Raven snogging this morning! She knows i like him!" Niall looks confused yet hurt. "You like Harry?" He asked puzzled. "Yes i do, but why would she do that?!" I tear up again. Niall wraps his arms around me in a 'Horan Hug' and comforts me. Then he slowly and softly kisses me. We sot there for like 3 minutes but i dont mind.


Niall's POV


I kissed her, for the first time. I have wanted to for a while now, and it was my chance. "You should go clean up your make-up" i smile. She returns the smile and gets up walking into the bathroom leaving the door open. She pulls her sleeves up and i see her arms are scarred. "Jordan?!" I yell/talk loudly. She pulls her sleeves down and walks to me. "Yes?" She asks. I pull her sleeve up and ask "What the h***?!" She pulls her sleeve down. "I don't know!" She starts to cry again, "who else knows?" I ask. "Raven.." She says through sobs. "Well please stop, i cant loose you, i love you too much" with that said i plant a warm kiss on her fore head, grab my things and walk to class.

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